Will Google Glass affect business?

Thursday, August 22 2013

Google Glass is one of the most talked about devices on the planet and it hasn't even been released yet. It'll actually be quite some time as the search engine pushed its target date back to 2014, according to ComputerWorld.

Not all the buzz around Google's forthcoming foray into high-tech glasses is positive. NPR recently pointed out that the gadget was already mocked on Saturday Night Light, with Fred Armisen violently jerking his head around and repeating commands ad nauseam to operate a joke version of Google Glass. The news source jokingly recommends buying a neck brace in addition to the device.

Skepticism aside, Google Glass may represent the wave of the future for technology. Maybe in a couple years everyone will have a pair, smartphones will be relics and Apple fans will be touting the superiority of the iGlass.

The main concern of many professionals' is how Google Glass is going to affect business. Is this device just a minor blip not worth worrying about or is it the next big thing in technology?

Information everywhere
Ved Sen, head of mobility at Cognizant Technology Solutions, told the BBC that he expects Google Glass to represent a massive leap forward because it gives employees instant access to reams of data.

"Take a sales person walking into a client's office; they might be able to access instant information in front of their eyes. 'What was the last order this company placed? Are they happy with us?' Even 'when was the client's last birthday?'" Sen said.

This is all the information that someone could possibly need to access without having to sit at their computer or pull out a smartphone or tablet. Further, if the gadget is compatible with video conferencing software then professionals could conduct meetings anywhere without having to carry multiple devices. 

Indeed, this is the main selling point of Google Glass - endless data and cutting-edge functionality can be put right in front of your eyes. Just imagine how you could streamline operations if your employees could find any information with a nod of their head or voice command.

But is it functional?
Of course, that all depends on whether Google Glass is actually functional and not a nightmare to operate. While Saturday Night Live is obviously hyperbolic, it's tough to imagine that the device will be simple to control.

Essentially, Google Glass' impact on the business world will be based on its ease of use. If the device doesn't respond properly, it won't be worth the trouble, especially when you can just use your smartphone anyway.