Will video conferencing replace phone calls?

Monday, November 29 2010

In 1964, a picture phone was unveiled at the World's Fair in New York City. The technology, despite it's high cost, inconvenience and lack of compatible devices, was touted as the telephone of the future, but it never materialized, reports PC World.

In the years following, many video conferencing attempts failed as well. But thanks to widespread internet use around the world, the cost and convenience of the technology has increased. But will video conferencing ever make phone calls completely obsolete?

"Even though making phone calls with video is now nearly as practical as doing so without, it's unlikely that the purported phone of the future will ever be the everyday phone of the present," writes Stephen Lawson of IDG News.

There are now fewer barriers for people who wish to see who they are talking to, but PC World says that video calling has yet to achieve the every day use of traditional phone calls and mobile text messages.

How Stuff Works adds, however, that landline phones are becoming continually more obsolete, which could bode well for the video conferencing market.

"If current trends continue, landline phones may soon join pay phones in the technology graveyard," writes Jennifer Horton.