Workforce trends increase need for remote connectivity

Thursday, July 26 2012

There is a growing shift in employee hiring strategies with businesses of all sizes - remote workers. These staff members connect to the office through the internet, carrying out job duties from a separate or home office but may rarely or never visit another work site. To keep everyone on the same page, web conferencing is more essential than ever.

The Unified Communications & Collaboration Market study projected that by 2016 BYOD and other remote markets would be the primary tool for employers. The market for these video conferencing tools and other connectivity options is expected to quadruple over the next 5 years, the study reported. Manpower, a leading human resources and contract hiring firm, found that remote workforce had increased nearly two-thirds from last year, with businesses stating they intended to focus more on these kind of recruitments in the future.

Using collaboration tools online will facilitate face-to-face meetings between remote and in-house workers whenever is convenient for them. Coupled with email, text chat and other utilities, web meetings are easier than ever and can quickly get high levels of connectivity for all employees, regardless of location.