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Pave the Way to Helpful Virtual Meetings with MegaMeeting.com

Looking for a way to connect through online presentations and virtual meetings online? MegaMeeting.com allows its members to host meetings, presentations, web based meetings and trainings over the Internet in REAL TIME. You need no extra software; simply open a browser and you can host or attend a video or Web Conference. Use just about any web camera and Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems and you're on your way. We use powerful collaboration tools that provide advanced features such as screen sharing, application sharing and remote control tech support. Online collaboration lets participants work together over the Internet, enabling application sharing and document sharing. This opens up possibilities for online presentations and virtual meetings, as well as online training capabilities. The ability to remotely control other participants' computers also aids in online presentations, training and help desk support environments. Contact us at 1-877-634-6342 to learn more about how to facilitate screen sharing and boost online presentations.