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“Mega Meeting has cut back drastically on our travel budgets and provided us with a quick and easy solution to a growing problem and that is travel costs.”
- Rev. Fred W. Balke, Administrative Assistant, American Association of Lutheran Churches

Formed in 1987, The American Association of Lutheran (The AALC) is an association of churches and individuals who have voluntarily joined together to encourage and equip churches to carry out Mission and Ministry in their location.

The administration department, executive department and the Board of Directors of The AALC use the MegaMeeting.com live video, integrated teleconferencing and screen sharing to decrease aggravation and save money and time. The AALC has saved thousands of dollars and time all because of the integration of MegaMeeting for their meetings and training of employees.

In order to conduct meetings prior to using MegaMeeting, The AALC had to travel from coast to coast and stay in hotels. Now they can stay in the comfort of their own office and still have all of the participants see one another face to face.

"MegaMeeting's ease of use, platform independence, and multiple video windows have allowed us to conduct productive meetings while saving time and travel expenses."
- Mike Metcalf, Senior Business Consultant, Concordia Technologies

Concordia Technologies was a pioneer of large-scale networks spread over large geographic distances long before the Internet became a household word. As technology changed, Concordia Technologies adapted, expanding from the datacenter to the desktop. Concordia Technologies has been providing service and support for a wide variety of computer systems, from desktop PCs to enterprise-class datacenters used by thousands of people across the globe, for nearly two decades.

Concordia Technologies uses MegaMeeting for Company Meetings, employee hiring / training and quality assurance / diagnostics. The ability to meet online has saved our company time and money and increased productivity across the board. The built-in audio, screen sharing and ability to share PowerPoint presentations have changed the way we do business for the better. We chose MegaMeeting for its web-based zero install client, multiple video windows, platform & browser independence (PC & Mac) and unlimited meeting host accounts.

Having so many non-technical people using MegaMeeting has had occassional challenges including sound, video, and Vista-related problems. The MegaMeeting team has ALWAYS been incredibly responsive and helpful, even to the extent of calling one of our people in Jakarta Indonesia to talk him through making MegaMeeting work on his new Vista PC.

"Our experience has been positive from the outset. We've had technical hurdles that have been solved while the system has become more robust and easier to use over the years. Megameeting is a great solution for us, at a great price, with great service."
- Sholom Eisenstat, Technical Brains, Torah in Motion

Torah in Motion is dedicated to exploring the intellectual richness and spiritual depths of Judaism and to applying that wisdom to our everyday challenges. We at Torah in Motion create a framework for dialogue among Jews of all ages and backgrounds. Together with some of our Jewish world’s best leadership, program participants examine today’s challenging issues.

Torah in Motion uses MegaMeeting in our Lecture Programs department to provide a global platform for our seminars. The built-in audio, video and ability to show PowerPoint presentations has provided our participants with opportunities to learn with world-class scholars and teachers from the comfort of their own homes. Nothing compares to the ease of use, competitive cost, availability and simplicity of the MegaMeeting system. Before MegaMeeting, Torah in Motion was unable to provide global access to our lectures and could only share our seminars with people on a local level.

When Torah in Motion had trouble getting our presenters online, the MegaMeeting technical support group has been fantastic. Anytime we have had questions regarding Technical Arrangements, equipment or other Technical matters, the MegaMEeting technical support group has been a huge blessing with their insight.

"I have found Megameeting to be a excellent resource for our web conferencing needs. The pricing is reasonable and the customer care is outstanding."
- Dimitri Moraitis, Director, Spiritual Arts Institute

The Spiritual Arts Institute offers classes, workshops, and seminars on healing and spiritual growth with special emphasis on the aura. It publishes books, CDs, manuals and other material related to metaphysics. Our mission statement is: To offer clear, accurate, and understandable instruction designed to assist the soul in it spiritual evolution.

The Spiritual Arts Institute uses MegaMeeting video and web conferencing to conduct our training classes online. This service has saved us countless man hours and dollars by allowing us to conduct business online and remove the need to rent a physical location. It has allowed us to increase productivity, and opened new business avenues by allowing us to work with people in other states and countries. It has also been great for people in the Los angeles area to take classes without dealing with rush hour traffic.

Before MegaMeeting, all of our classes were held in person. This meant extra money reserved for renting space and the lost time and aggrevation that comes with travel. The pricing structure works with our format of classes and we love the customer assistance.

"With MegaMeeting, our organization is able to continue its personal touch "face-to-face" feel with our staff and field team by utilizing video conferencing in a totally virtual office setting. I highly recommend MegaMeeting as a cost effective part of any organizations toolkit."
- Richard J Laplante, Director - Operations & Field Support, Bridges for Peace

Founded in 1976, Bridges for Peace seeks to be a ministry of hope and reconciliation. Through programs both in Israel and worldwide, we are giving Christians the opportunity to actively express their biblical responsibility before God to be faithful to Israel and the Jewish community.

Bridges for Peace uses MegaMeeting daily for full staff meetings in addition to periodic meetings with our administration staff, executives and our board of directors. As a Christian ministry, we have 30 minutes of daily prayer and devotional teachings from 9 - 9:30AM each day.

MegaMeeting was one of the catalyst that pushed us over the edge to consider moving our USA Operation to more of a virtual office than we currently were doing. Up until last fall, about half of our team were on the field and officed out of their homes when not traveling. All leadership and staff support staff were officing out of executive suites in Florida. After presenting virtual officing to our Board of Directors, it was agreed to move in this direction. As of Jaunary 26, 2009 we are a total virtual office. All staff work out of their homes with technology in place to perform their duties, all with high-speed broadband. MegaMeeting was important to us because we did not want to lose the personal touch we had all come to enjoy working in the same office building. As mentioned above, we minimally have a daily MegaMeeting call each morning for 30 minutes for our daily prayer and devotion time. We also have other departmental meetings over the week as needed.

Prior to MegaMeeting, we had either physical meetings in a conference room or with conferencing by phone only with no visuals. The face-to-face was important to us to not lose the personal contact with each other. We will be expanding to use more with our field team and some of our representative network.

"MegaMeeting has reduced our organization travel expenses considerably while making the entire organization more efficient and productive. We are considering adopting the MegaMeeting server solution for all video conferencing needs even those outside of the headquarters."
- Gary Wolf, Director of Information Technology, Free Methodist Church of North America

The Free Methodist church in the United States numbers 77,173 members with nearly 105,000 attendees in Sunday services. There are 1,032 churches in the U.S. and the average size congregation is 100 attendees.

The Free Methodist Church of North America uses the MegaMeeting video conferencing system in our Administration and Human Resources departments in addition to our Executives and Missions / Communications. The built-in audio/video, powerpoint presentations and computer sharing have allowed our organization to save substantial amounts of money on travel. With such a large base, many of our staff reside all over the United States and the MegaMeeting system has helped us reduce the cost of travel and allowed us more time with famly and friends.

The MegaMeeting service is being considered for use with our twice annual board meetings. We have 30 people that travel from all over the country for these two and half day meetings. Some members could preclude attending and participate with MegaMeeting. Is also being considered for allowing non board members to participate.

Overall, the cost, easy setup and ease of use has made MegaMeeting a vital part of our daily business.

"Megameeting is the most user-friendly, powerful system available."
- Paul Baumeister, President, Apostolic School of Theology

Apostolic School of Theology uses MegaMeeting on a daily basis by our professors in our classrooms. The MegaMeeting system is perfect for face to face teaching between our professors and our online students. This allows us to teach syncronous sessions online with all of our students in each class.

We chose MegaMeeting because it has the highest bandwidth and highest quality around; "...no other company that has better.", according to Paul Baumeister, President of Apostolic School of Theology. The video, built-in audio and ability to share powerpoint presentations are a must for most of our classes.

"There is something special about being able to actually see another person's facial expressions while conversing. We are humans – we are social creatures. Telephones are functional, email is acceptable for transmission of factual information, but actually seeing another's body language and facial expressions while hearing the inflections of speech makes for a richer level of communication. Although we maintain and promote attending assemblies and meetings in person whenever possible, we recognize the realities of being separated by long distances and (in some cases) water. In those cases, use of our web conferencing 'meeting room' is a good alternate mode of participation for those who cannot be physically present for an event or meeting. It has the additional benefits of being both time-saving and eco-friendly ('green') by removing the need for long drives to attend meetings."
- Helen Gordon, Technical Liaison, Cape & Islands Deanery

One of a number of geographically defined areas within the Diocese of Massachusetts, the Cape & Islands Deanery comprises congregations from Plymouth, Buzzard's Bay and Wareham, Cape Cod, and from Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Islands. We are part of the Episcopal Church.

Cape and Islands Deanery uses MegaMeeting video conferencing to conduct meetings, trainings, seminars, collaboration between locations, quarterly assemblies, and other special events between multiple Episcopal Dioceses in Massachusetts and around the country. MegaMeeting has saved us countless dollars and man hours by allowing us to conduct these events online instead of in person. The video, built-in audio, screen sharing, noteboard, chat, whiteboard and a number of other functions has been a huge asset to the way we conduct business.

Before MegaMeeting, it was very difficult to collaborate between our 16 year-round and 3 seasonal congregations. Physical collaboration among our parishes is impeded by the realities of being separated by water and distance with meeting schedules being dictated by weather, ferries, bridge repairs and heavy summer traffic. Thanks to MegaMeeting, we can now meet more often and without the travel and other complications that went alongside our distances as seperate groups.

We chose MegaMeeting over the competition because it is cross platform; no need for downloading. The price and 24/7 technical support have been a huge boon to the way we conduct business. We have great variety of technical abilities and connection speeds in our parishes and the MegaMeeting technical support team have been wonderful. When we have experienced a consistent problem with the program, MegaMeeting has been quick to update the application to address and solve the situation.

UMCNEB currently uses MegaMeeting in its Marketing and Training departments, as well as with their Administration, Executives and Board of Directors. UMCNEB uses MegaMeeting to conduct seminars, company meetings and to train their employees. Prior to implementing the MegaMeeting system, UMCNEB's staff had to endure extensive travel to participate in two hour meetings, or were limited to voice only conference calls via the telephone. They have also found that they have eliminated much of their written correspondence due to using video and web conferencing as a means of communication.

By implementing MegaMeting.com's browser based web and video conferencing services, the Nebraska Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMCNEB) has greatly reduced their necessity for travel, which has also resulted in a tremendous cost savings as well. Charles Spence, a pastor with UMCNEB, stated that, "We have conducted committee meetings with members from all over Nebraska. We use MegaMeeting to brief people who are going to attend major decision-making conferences." Spence continued by saying, "Data updating was done to insure retirement benefits and supervision work is done for folks going through an evaluation process."

The specific features of MegaMeeting that UMCNEB implements most often are the video conferencing capabilities that allow meeting attendees to see each other, the ability to share a PowerPoint presentation via the Internet, the built in audio (VoIP), collaboration, as well as screen sharing capabilities. In response to how UMCNEB will utilize MegaMeeting in the future, Spence stated, "I hope to start monthly training and information sharing seminars for local Chambers to do their work better using denominational resources."