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MegaMeeting brings people and business together.

Employing high-quality, low-cost Internet Video Conferencing that fully uses the Internet, MegaMeeting can become a valuable elearning Web Conferencing software solution for you. With the ability to simply log in to a scheduled Video Conference from any computer, students can easily view and hear an instructor working before a classroom blackboard. This capability enables the creation of virtual classrooms and online classrooms. An inexpensive web camera allows the instructor and students to view all course participants. The 'Presenter' function also lets students and instructors make use of PowerPoint slides, interactive software tools, application sharing and other resources. The elearning conferencing software is also applicable to sales and management training of all kinds, bringing to life virtual classrooms and online classrooms in all areas, industries and disciplines. Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, corporations, schools, families and groups of friends can all find tangible benefits from using MegaMeeting.com elearning software. Browse our site or call us at 1-877-634-6342 to learn more about these exciting elearning possibilities.

“MegaMeeting has allowed our program to reach students and collaborators despite geographic distance, inclimate weather, and a myriad of other barriers. Thanks to MegaMeeting, and their exceptional support team, our program continues to grow. MegaMeeting is the total package. A great product, sold at a reasonable price, and quality service and support.”
- Kevin Thomas, Director, Healthcare Emergency Management Program, Boston University School of Medicine

The Healthcare Emergency Management Program at Boston University, prepares individuals to work across the spectrum of emergency and crisis management. It provides a learning environment with experience in multiple areas of biomedical sciences and health care. Students are prepared for employment in disaster and crisis management in government and private sector emergency management, such as Biomedical Facilities, Hospitals, FEMA and DHS.

Using the live video and built-in VoIP, MegaMeeting.com Video & Web Conferencing has allowed Boston Universities School of Medicine - Healthcare Emergency Management Program to be able to deliver their entire course catalogue to students. This allows students who otherwise could not make it to class to attend and for Instructors to teach from anywhere; home, office, or in a classroom. They have one instructor who lives in Ohio and teaches over MegaMeeting every week.

The Healthcare Emergency Management Program has utilized MegaMeeting since their first student started attending and anticipates continuing to employ MegaMeeting as their collaborations, partnerships, and student population grow. They are very excited at the possibility of using MegaMeeting in an international setting.

“Easy setup, easy to use.”
- Jon Tapp, Director of Computer Services, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Education and Human Development was one of twelve original members of a national network of Mental Retardation Research Centers created by the Kennedy administration in 1963. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of persons with disorders caused by the disruption of typical development.

Having the ability to see live video, communicate via built-in VOIP or intergraded teleconferencing, show PowerPoint presentations and share computer screens, allows the staff at The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center to conduct meetings that span over many different geographic locations. Not only does MegaMeeting.com help the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center avoid travel it also saves them money, time and increases productivity.

In the future The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center plans to use MegaMeeting.com for training external users on their locally developed software.

“An excellent tool to access students at home. “
- Randy Ellingson, Principal, Wellington College

Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, was founded by Randy Ellingson. The institution has a history of over 80 years in osteopathic-focused work enabling its students to specialize in treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions. The institution has been internationally accredited and its diplomas are recognized around the world. It is recognized by the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission.

Wellington College uses the MegaMeeting’s video and built-in audio (VoIP) during informational seminars and in the training of employees. The ability to easily share screens has allowed Wellington College to show PowerPoint presentations and provide training for students via the internet.

"Our experiences with MegaMeeting have been great! We love the cross-platform capability, the user-friendly interface, and the many seminar features available to hosts and users. The support staff is very friendly, quick to respond, and has been able to solve the few problems we've had."
- Angela Northam, PACE IT Support Technician, Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College is located at Lewiston, Idaho, where two rivers (Clearwater and Snake), two cities (Lewiston and Clarkston) and two states (Idaho and Washington) come together. It is also where two peoples and two cultures came together in friendship and discovery. The location is symbolic of the college’s mission, which is to connect people with learning and learning with their world. Here, education is about discovery, about life.

LCSC offers teacher education courses via distance learning through the Pathways for Accelerated Certification and Endorsement (PACE) program. Several of these courses require students to meet at least once a week with their professor for instructional seminars. Using MegaMeeting, students are able to meet as a group with thier instructors for these meetings. Using MegaMeeting has and will continue to reduce the need for travel, saving the college money. It is also more user-friendly than our old system in that it is Windows and Mac compatible. Our campus provides Macintosh notebook computers to PACE students for the purpose of meeting their class requirements. Use of MegaMeeting has reduced the need for extra support personnel, which saves us money.

Prior to switching to MegaMeeting, we used Polycom PVX software and Tandberg hardware connected to a bridge. Students had to install the software (which, for the longest time, only worked on Windows XP and still doesn't work on Mac), run software updates, shut off all firewalls, and then connect to the bridge for conferences. We encountered many problems using the old system, from firewall issues, hardware incompatibility issues, software incompatibility issues, and hardware upkeep costs.

We chose MegaMeeting because it offers the features we need for an affordable price. We needed to be able to do video and audio conferencing over the web on both Mac and Windows computers. We also liked the added feature of Show My Desktop since it allows students to share their research. The tunneling port appealed to us because many of our users are connecting from elementary school sites, which often have firewalls that cause connection issues. Overall, MegaMeeting had the most appealing features for the best price.

"The services MegaMeeting provides has enabled us to provide much needed education to a much larger audience at a fraction of the cost. At all times, the staff have been more than helpful, even when it's something we've done wrong. Thank you for helping our office grow and offer expanded programs."
- Elizabeth Massengale, Director, Parent and Family Relations, Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University prides itself on being a major comprehensive research university that retains the sense of a smaller liberal arts institution. Although enrollment is over 28,000, Texas Tech students boast of one-on-one interaction with top faculty and an environment that stresses student accomplishment above all else.

We utilize MegaMeeting to provide webinars to the parents and family members of our current students. These webinars provide information to parents and family members about the services and programs available at the university. This service has enabled us to provide on-going education and information to parents and family members regardless of their location. Additionally, we are able to provide these free of charge.

Prior to MegaMeeting, we would host a 2-3 day conference to cover the information. We did have to charge a small registration fee for this event. We would typically educate 15-20. The webinars have enabled us to educate 15-20 each month or over 100 to date at no charge to participants.

"Our School has been using MegaMeeting for almost a year now. Our students really enjoy using MegaMeeting. It gives our students the feeling of being in a real classroom. We have tried many other online video web conferencing systems, and MegaMeeting is the most affordable, high quality, easy to use system of them all."
- Joscar Olivares, Coordinator of Computer Services, NWCU School Of Law

Northwestern California University was established in 1982 to provide quality education to individuals around the world through independent, non-resident study. The school's programs are designed to combine the best features of traditional education with Internet based, online and recorded instruction.

Our school is using MegaMeeting to have daily lectures giving by our professors to our students. This gives our students the feeling of being in a real classroom, which helps focus and productivity. Each year of law school has a day of the week and time when the lectures take place. It is very much like traditional school, the professor will give an assignment and then they will discuss the assignment. Students use the raise hand feature when they have a question or comments.

Before MegaMeeting, we used discussion boards and email for all interaction between Professors and students. Sometimes we have a student who is having a lot of trouble with there audio or webcam. Megameeting support has helped resolve any of the issues that are students have had.

"I love their customer service, as well as the strong training medium. Our customers love the trainings as well because it somehow makes the whole experience much friendlier and therefore more effective and memorable."
- Jonathan Paul, GM, International Staffing University

ISU is a division of Seminars By The Sea, founded in 1992 and is now recognized as a world leader in staffing industry education. We are a Certified Continuing Education Provider for both the American Staffing Association (ASA) and the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), providing training for staffing industry professionals.

We use MegaMeeting in our seminars and trainings. The ability to provide weekly 3 hr/3 day training in sales, management, etc. has allowed us to become a leader in our field. The ability to share computers and powerpoint presentations has been a huge benefit.

Initially, we chose MegaMeeting over other video / web conferencing services because at the time, this seemed to be the very best option. Not a lot of other competitors. Very good relationship with every member of the customer service team. We love the ability of customers to have cameras because it increases accountability and enables role playing between students.

The Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD) is an interdisciplinary program that supports children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families through training, clinical service, applied research, information dissemination, planning, and policy development.

The University of Tennessee Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities currently uses MegaMeeting's browser based video and web conferencing software to provide training to distance learning participants who would otherwise not be able to travel and attend these meetings.

In addition to helping their members virtually attend conferences that they normally would not be able to make, BCDD also utilizes MegaMeeting's web and video conferencing for its Community Advisory Council, as well as to provide technical assistance for statewide programs, program and policy development on grants, and provide a collaboration forum for regional training.

Some of the main reasons BCDD chose MegaMeeting over other web and video conferencing systems include the interactive ability of the software, the ease of use and the ability to adjust during conference events. BCDD also appreciates the amount of control they maintain in conducting their events and the ease of setting up meetings and extending invitations to their participants.