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Video Conferencing Services with a Difference: MegaMeeting's "Video-Centric" Online Conferencing Services Save You Time, Money and Make Your World Smaller

Do you want to cut down on your travel costs and start holding meetings online? Would you like to be able to meet "face-to-face " with prospects, clients and employees with a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse?

Would you like to make geography inconsequential when you organize your next:

  • Meetings With Prospects and Clients
  • Company Meetings
  • Sales Meetings
  • Employee Trainings
  • Customer Support
  • Product Demonstrations to Potential Customers
  • Product Launches
  • Virtual Classrooms

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the video conferencing services of MegaMeeting.com can help you start saving the money and time that are lost when you have to leave your office and meet clients, prospects, employees, students or colleagues in distant locations.

Video-Centric Web & Video Conferencing Services

There is no need to pack up your bags and travel every time you need to meet with your clients or employees who are outside your immediate physical reach. MegaMeeting offers a combined Video and web conferencing system that allows you to hold online conferences with multiple participants viewing 16 simultaneous video windows.

The MegaMeeting video service combines video conferencing with web conferencing. Web conferencing is the sharing of information and applications in online presentations of Power Point or Excel or other documents. Most conferencing systems are centered around the document presentations, while the MegaMeeting service is video-centric. It allows you to not only share information but to see your conference attendees face to face.

"MegaMeeting.com enabled us to develop a powerful new consulting/training business model in which we blend live classroom training with a continuous program of interactive videoconference training events, accessible by participants from virtually any location. The ability to offer this kind of programming has become a significant source of competitive advantage for us in the sales training marketplace." -Tim McMahon - CEO, McMahon WorldWide Sales Performance

MegaMeeting Makes it Easy to Get Started with Web & Video Conferencing

If you think that web and video conferencing would be too difficult to use or too expensive for you or your company, then you should think again.

MegaMeeting is very easy to use & 100% browser-based - no software is required for you or your guests to download, install or configure. All you and your guests need is an Internet browser with version 7.0 or higher of the Flash media player. This player ships with most new computers and is installed on more than 90% of the world's computers.

MegaMeeting runs on all of the major browsers (IE, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.). This means that you will be able to conference with MORE guests and without having to overcome barriers that other systems present (such as software to download, firewalls, etc.). It also supports all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), allowing more of your prospects, clients and employees to have access to your meetings.

These phenomenal video and web conferencing capabilities are also within your budgetary reach. MegaMeeting gives you a "Pay as you go" service with no long term contract. Account subscriptions are billed on a "month to month" basis and you can enjoy these powerful features at a fraction of the cost of similar services. In addition, your meeting guests do not need to purchase web conferencing tools (other than a web camera if they want to be seen).

If you represent a larger company, one that will make extensive use of online conferencing, MegaMeeting.com provides a version that you can host on your own servers (Enterprise) and a Private Label version in which all references to the MegaMeeting.com brand are replaced with your company's specific brandings (such as the company's logo and colors). This is especially ideal if you want to resell Video/Web Conferencing solutions or if you want to create Video & Web Conferencing solutions that appear indigenous to your organization. Most other video/web conferencing companies do not offer an Enterprise or Private Label solution.

Why Wait? Try MegaMeeting Today

If you want to use web & video conferencing to make your business or organization more efficient, then you owe it to yourself and to your colleagues to check out MegaMeeting. Take advantage of the online demos of our Personal, Professional and Enterprise versions, or contact us for more information. We will be happy to talk to you.

  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Video, VoIP & Online Tools: -Screen/Application Sharing -Powerpoint Presentations -Remote Desktop Control
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Hosted on Your Server
  • One Fee/No Monthly Pmts
  • For Businesses of All Sizes
  • Private Branding Available
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Hosted on Your Server
  • Customized For Your Needs
  • No Mention Of MegaMeeting
  • Seats Can Be Resold
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • VoIP Included
  • Plans Start at $49 Per Mo
  • Runs on PCs/MACs/Linux
  • See Friends/Contacts
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