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What Is Web Collaboration Software?

Web collaboration is when two or more people "meet" over the Internet to share information and ideas. Web collaboration systems typically provide tools that allow participants to perform online collaboration by working together over the Internet, sharing applications and documents. Some web collaboration tools include the ability to share one's desktop, letting participations present online collaboration information in a variety of ways.

Customers can use a PowerPoint presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, a Word document, web sites via their browser or anything else that a participant wishes to show other attendees of their Web Conference. In addition to presenting information, another powerful web collaboration software tool allows participants to remotely control other participants' computers, aiding in training and help desk support environments. Although Web collaboration and video collaboration are currently treated as two distinct forms of communication, good Web collaboration services will also contain solid video collaboration capabilities as well.

What Makes MegaMeeting.com Web Collaboration Unique?

MegaMeeting.com Video Conferencing collaboration is 100-percent browser based, using open architecture and nonproprietary methods to allow people to share information and ideas over the Internet. This means that there is no proprietary software to download, install or configure.

  • MegaMeeting.com web collaboration includes powerful MegaMeeting.com video collaboration
  • Browser-based video components, meaning that there is no bulky, expensive or proprietary equipment required to conduct the video portion of a Web Conference

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