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MegaMeeting brings people and business together.

Using state-of-the-art Internet marketing services, MegaMeeting.com is the Internet marketing solution your team has been looking for.
Powerful and affordable, using MegaMeeting.com as an effective Internet marketing tool brings online Internet marketing to your business, be it small, medium or large. Utilize proven Internet marketing services to educate your customers about your products. Create a streamlined Internet marketing strategy and meet with your prospects face-to-face using our web conferencing and video conferencing services as an Internet marketing tool.

The MegaMeeting.com helpdesk software harnesses the power of the Internet to take your IT helpdesk software solution to the next level. Unlike other computer helpdesk software systems, this helpdesk solution literally puts you in front of your customer's computer - all from the comfort of your office, whether you're hundreds, or even thousands of miles away from your prospect, client or fellow employee.

And because our video conferencing system is web based, your helpdesk software solution is as close as the next Internet connection. Imagine running your helpdesk support software from a Starbucks, or from anywhere else in which you have an Internet connection and a web browser! With a web based helpdesk software solution, you can be everywhere, all the time.

Easy and intuitive, the MegaMeeting.com web conferencing software is fully secure, ensuring that your IT helpdesk software offers the highest level of assurance and privacy. Call us toll free at (877) 634-6342 for a demonstration of our computer helpdesk software solution. When it comes to helpdesk software, the MegaMeeting.com web based helpdesk software solution is not only effective, but it's very affordable as well.