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Online Meetings are a Snap with MegaMeeting: Get Easy-to-Use Web Conferencing and the Best Video Conferencing in one Low-Cost Service

Looking for a way to save money and make your organization more dynamic?

If you have to pack up your bags and jump on an airplane each time you want to share new ideas and methods with your clients, staff and colleagues, then it is time to consider using web conferencing services as a way to conduct online meetings. Web conferencing is already being used by many organizations to get more work done and, at the same time, save thousands of dollars in transportation and lodging costs.

What is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing is when two or more people "meet" over the Internet to share information and ideas. Web conferencing services typically provide tools that allow participants to perform "Online Collaboration" by working together over the Internet, sharing applications and documents.

Some web conferencing services offer the ability to share one's desktop, allowing participants to "show" information, be it a PowerPoint® Presentation, an Excel® Spreadsheet, a Word® Document, or anything else that a participant wishes to show other attendees of their web conference.

In addition to "ShowMyDesktop" information, another powerful web conferencing tool allows participants to remotely control other participants' computers, aiding in training and "help desk support" environments. Although web and video conferencing services are currently treated as two distinct forms of communication, a good web conferencing system will also contain solid video conferencing capabilities as well.

How Does Online Conferencing Work?

MegaMeeting web conferencing services are easy to use, whether you want to share information with a few friends, or whether you need a large-scale corporate system.

MegaMeeting provides a hosted service that is 100% browser-based, using open architecture and non-proprietary methods to allow people to share information and ideas over the Internet. This means that there is no "proprietary" software to download, install or configure. In addition, anyone that is using a Windows, Mac or Linux based machine may participate in a MegaMeeting web conference.

All that a meeting participant needs is a version 7.0 or higher of the Flash media player. This player ships with most new computers and is installed on more than 90% of the world's computers. Furthermore, MegaMeeting runs on all of the major browsers (IE, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.)

What Can I Do With Web and Video Conferencing?

The sky is the limit! Schools are using video and web conferencing solutions to give online courses. Sales organizations are conducing online training sessions for their staff in different locations around the world. Large companies are holding online meetings that bring together their most important staff in branch offices, without spending a cent on travel. Churches are even using video conferencing to allow shut-in members of their congregations to take part in worship services.

Think about your own organization and how it would be if you could make geography inconsequential when you want to hold:

  • Meetings With Prospects and Clients
  • Company Meetings
  • Sales Meetings
  • Employee Trainings
  • Customer Support
  • Product Demonstrations to Potential Customers
  • Product Launches
  • Virtual Classrooms

If you want to calculate what these kinds of capabilities would mean to your organization, you can start by adding up the costs of transportation and lodging that you normally spend when attending meetings away from your headquarters. Then add on the opportunity costs of the time that you spend away from your office. But there is more to it than that, once you become accustomed to using online meetings and web conferencing, you will be able to devise new ways to tap the talents of your entire organization through enhanced communication, raising your overall performance to new heights.

It Costs Much Less Than You Think!

If you think that it will cost an-arm-and-a-leg to get into web or video conferencing, think again. MegaMeeting offers flat rate monthly pricing, allowing you to receive unlimited web conferencing for one low monthly fee. With MegaMeeting there are no hidden or additional per minute/per user fees - what you sign-up for is what you pay for.

Don't just take our word for it. Read what present users of the system say about and find out how they are using online conferencing, and better yet, take a free live demo of the system online right now!

  • Unlimited Audio and Video
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