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Custom Meeting Skin

Customize your Video Conference with your company logo

Make your MegaMeeting Video Conferencing rooms match your company colors and unique look and feel with our custom skin option. Included Free with every Business Bundle and Enterprise MegaMeeting purchase, we can add your logo to the background of all of your guests and users of your Web Conferencing account, as well as match the colors of the logo to the top and side of the room. Looking for even more customization? If you require more extensive cosmetic changes, check out our Private Branding option exclusively for our Enterprise clients.

What are my options?

The following options can ONLY be changed
  • The top bar color (solid or a gradient)
  • The main text in the middle of the screen
  • Background color (or an image can be placed) (NOTE: If you add a background image it may distort horizontally depending on the end user monitor and screen resolution)
  • Logo/image in the lower right corner of the screen
  • OR Logo in the center of the screen that will ONLY appear in the meeting rooms (not the login or setup screens)
What kind of file should I send? What size?
  • PSD, PNG, JPG, AI, BMP, PDF are all acceptable (Please avoid .doc, .docx, .ppt, very small .GIF format and .swf as the image quality may suffer)
  • Highest Resolution possible (300psi if available)
  • Largest Size possible (200x200px if available and where applicable for your specific image dimensions)
  • If you are want to put a background image or have the background color a different color than the logo has, please send the logo in a PSD/PNG/GIF/PDF layered format with a transparent background
  • RGB or CMYK are both acceptable
  • If needed you may also supply the specific hexadecimal color codes for the top bar color/gradient as well.
What sort of dimensions should I size for?
  • Lower Right Corner (500x500px available)
  • Background (800x600px available)
  • Middle Logo Option *640x480px available

Here is an example of a custom skin layout?

Custom Skin Example

Submission Guidelines

Quick General Guidelines for Skin Submission:

Please send an email to tawnyl@MegaMeeting.com with your logo attached in the following format: