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Video Conferencing News (647)

What businesses can learn from the "showrooming" trend
November 21, 2013
The holidays are almost here, and buyers are ready to go. More

The best products make for the best video conference calls
November 15, 2013
Video conferencing is a quickly growing industry, and many companies are seeing the utility of the communication method. More

Video conferencing growth leaves hotels changing their ways
November 14, 2013
Video conferencing software is of growing importance in the business world, and many have found how much it facilitates collaboration and improves communication. More

Web Conferencing News (186)

Improving employee engagement will lead to higher productivity
November 20, 2013
There's a famous story blues rock legend Stevie Ray Vaughan used to tell during live shows about the moment he knew he would become a musician. More

Gain a competitive advantage with web conferencing software
April 30, 2013
Web conferencing products can help businesses achieve their immediate and long-term goals by enabling team members to share valuable details with clients and employees. The solutions are dependable and cost-effective, which make them incredibly valuable to firms around the world. More

Host a comprehensive web conference training session
April 26, 2013
Web conferencing platforms are readily available to business leaders and enable these officials to keep associates and clients up to date. More

Webinar News (93)

Artists show the power of video collaboration
November 19, 2013
Music videos were for many years one of the most important modes of expression for musical artists, a way for artists to both further communicate their vision and gain an even greater audience. More

Video can help businesses connect to both fans and customers
November 18, 2013
ith football season in full swing, fans across the country are excited about their team's run for a playoff spot - unless they live in Jacksonville. More

Webinars can be used as both sales and recruiting pitch, expert says
November 12, 2013
As Jessica Simpson once noted, it's true what they say - a little bit goes a long way. More

Green Conferencing News (31)

Video conferencing technology helps your business go green
July 24, 2013
Many businesses are searching for ways to go green and reduce pollution. More

Video conferencing helps businesses protect the environment
June 18, 2013
Cutting-edge video conferencing technology has many benefits for small businesses. More

Recent federal webinar focused on biofuel
November 16, 2012
Federal and state agencies have begun using video conferencing software more frequently to update American citizens on government activities. More