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White Label Video Conferencing Solution

Now you can take your presentations to the next level with MegaMeeting’s white label webinar and video conferencing platform. We allow our clients to fully rebrand our white label video conferencing solution as their own service, a unique approach that you won’t get with most commercial video conferencing companies.

Imagine the possibilities for a fully branded video conferencing or webinar solution for your customers. How could a video conferencing and webinar white label service help your company?

Any business can conduct webinars and video conferences with our fully white labeled product. You can customize everything from the domain name to the logos, colors, emails, and more. This allows you to create your very own white label video conferencing and white label webinar platform!

How Does Video Conference and Webinar White Labeling Work?

White label video conferencing takes the MegaMeeting technology and allows you to replace our name and branding with your own. It’s a fully customizable solution that even allows you to resell our product to a target audience. This is like building a ready-made video conferencing and webinar application without the high costs associated with software development. Even better—we can handle the customer service on our product on your behalf. We also handle data security and new feature roll-outs. You concentrate on using our video conferencing product to your advantage to service clients, bring teams together, and build your business.

MegaMeeting’s white label webinar and video conferencing platform allows clients to create entirely new service lines with our products, as well as launch their own businesses. Many companies even embed our video conferencing solution within their web pages, without having the distraction of a third-party company’s logo to detract from their own. Imagine the increased credibility your company will have by using our white label webinar tool. It’s a smarter way to build your brand.

Benefits of White Label Video Conferencing and Webinars

If you’re considering the possibilities of a white label video conferencing and webinar platform, there are a few benefits for your business that improve upon the typical experience of working with a commercial video conferencing solution. For example, white label video conferencing is a better option if it is:

Fully customizable, allowing you to include your logo, colors, and custom features. This is an important point of differentiation not only between video conferencing providers, but also between webinar vendors who offer a white labeling option. The customizability of your video conferencing software can be an important part of your business strategy, especially when launching this service to your clients.
High quality is a key differentiator between video conferencing solutions. The quality of the service is especially important, because, after all, your name is on the white label webinar platform. MegaMeeting offers a web-based, HD video conferencing solution with no software to download. This makes our service higher quality, more reliable, easier to access and highly secure.
Easy to use video conferencing software is particularly important to your customers. Features should be intuitive and there should be customer support available to help if needed. Look for a white label video conferencing solution that minimizes the steps necessary to login, requires no downloads, and is simple but sophisticated for end-users.
Highly secure webinar solutions require no software downloads from the internet. Software downloads not only add an extra layer of complexity for your end-users, but also create an opportunity for software vulnerabilities at the end points. We recommend web-based, embedded webinar white label software products. MegaMeeting is both web-based and highly secure, since it is encrypted from end to end while the data is in transit and stored. MegaMeeting is HIPAA-compliant, so our service can even be safely used in the regulatory-laden world of healthcare.

You Can “Own” Your Video Conference and Webinar Software

MegaMeeting offers white label video conferencing and webinars with our enterprise software service account. This is a unique offering you won’t find with many other third-party video conferencing solutions. You can use your own domain name and customize the appearance of your account with your company colors and logo! This creates a fully white labeled appearance that allows you to offer your own video and web conferencing service! Even small businesses can leverage this service to create a more professional appearance to their clients. Consider the benefits of white label video conferencing from MegaMeeting:

Lower cost when compared to building your own video conferencing solution.
Build your credibility with clients without the risk of building it yourself.
Seamless—your clients will not know our product isn’t your own.
Feature-rich, offering the same tools the biggest video conference companies have.
Web-based with no risky downloads from the internet.
Hands-free; all you do is use it or sell it, and we handle all product improvements.
Fully secure with industry-leading tools to keep your data safe.
Revenue generation from reselling the webinar white label product.
Expand your service offerings, diversify your revenue streams, and reach new customer markets.

You Can Fully Brand Your Webinars and Web Conferences

Through our Private Label Web Conferencing program, all references to the brand are replaced with your organization's specific brandings. This is especially ideal if you resell video conferencing solutions to clients or if you want to create video and web conferencing solutions that appear indigenous to your organization. One of the biggest issues smaller companies have is their inability to offer the same kinds of sophisticated software tools their larger competitors use. With the MegaMeeting white label video conferencing service, this will no longer be an issue.

You Can Deploy Your White Label Video Conferencing Solution Easily

Web-based video conferencing software means that you can deploy our software as a service (SaaS) solution with no downloads—and so can your clients. A SaaS cloud solution offers a secure and easy way for you to deploy our solution fast.

MegaMeeting’s white label webinar platform solution is designed for small businesses, midlevel growth organizations and corporations that wish to allow their customers or associates to have a hosted solution for conducting video conference meetings. With our webinar white label solution, if you wish to resell "accounts" to your "end users,” you can do so and charge whatever amount you wish. That’s exactly how our customers utilize MegaMeeting’s white label video conferencing service to generate their own recurring revenue stream for their business.

In addition to fully supporting our 100% web-based live video and audio, MegaMeeting’s enterprise white label webinar platform service also supports productivity enhancing collaboration software tools. This gives you a competitive advantage by allowing meeting participants to share their applications and documents with other participants in the video conference room. MegaMeeting’s white label video conferencing service offers more value and flexibility than any other web or video conferencing system, at just a fraction of the price.

Who Can Benefit from The MegaMeeting White Label Video Conferencing and Webinar Product?

Independent medical practices or organizations offering telehealth.
Office supply companies seeking to expand their service offerings.
Independent mobile dealerships building their brand.
Business incubators and innovation labs.
IT security consultants.
Phone and PBX venders.
Audiovisual firms and solo videographers.
Nonprofit organizations.
Marketing/communications firms.

Are You Looking to Resell Video Conferencing & Webinar Technology? Resell MegaMeeting’s video conferencing solution and earn a recurring monthly commission on the revenues we receive.

There are no caps on how much you can earn and all you do is sell.

Here’s How to Generate Revenue with MegaMeeting’s Webinar and Video Conferencing White Label

MegaMeeting offers our lucrative video conferencing reseller program that allows you to immediately launch a new service line for your business!

MegaMeeting's aggressive pricing and willingness to share on-going revenues means the sky is the limit for our video conferencing resellers. In addition to offering traditional reseller margins, MegaMeeting also offers a white label wideo and web conferencing solution that is "branded" according to the reseller's preference. This enables a completely private branded, white labeled video conferencing and webinar product that can be resold under your (the reseller’s) name. Hosting, second tier support, and product updates are all handled by MegaMeeting so there are no additional overhead or expertise required!

This is an opportunity that you can’t afford to pass up. If you’re ready to check out our white label video conferencing solution, contact us today for a demo and a consultation to discuss your options.

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