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White Label Webinar Software
Take your presentations to the next level with white label web conferencing. Your business can conduct webinars and video conferences with a fully white label appearance: everything from the domain name to the logos, colors, emails, and more are customzable to create your very own white label webinar software and white label video conferencing service!

Private Label Web Conferencing

Own It

MegaMeeting offers white label video conferencing with its Enterprise software service account. You can use your own domain and customize the appearance of your account with your company colors and logo! This creates a fully white labeled appearance that allows you to offer your own Video and Web Conferencing service!

White Label Video Conferencing

Brand It

Through our Private Label Web Conferencing program, all references to the brand are replaced with your organization's specific brandings. This is especially ideal if you resell Video Conferencing solutions or if you want to create Video & Web Conferencing solutions that appear indigenous to your organization.

White Label Webinar

Deploy It

MegaMeeting Enterprise White Label Web Conferencing is designed for businesses and corporations that wish to allow their customers or associates to have a hosted solution for conducting Video Conference meetings. With our Private Label solution, if you wish to resell "accounts" to your "end users", you can do so and charge whatever amount you wish.

In addition to supporting 100% web based live video and audio, MegaMeeting Enterprise Private Label Web Conferencing also supports productivity enhancing collaboration software tools, allowing meeting participants to share their applications and documents with other participants in the meeting room. MegaMeeting Enterprise White Label Web Conferencing offers more value and flexibility than other web/video conferencing systems, at a fraction of the price.

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MegaMeeting's aggressive pricing and willingness to share on-going revenues means the sky is the limit for resellers. In addition to offering traditional reseller margins, MegaMeeting also offers a white label Video and Web Conferencing solution that is "branded" accoriding to the reseller's preference. This enables a completely private branded, white labeled video conferencing and webinar product that can be resold under the reseller's name. Hosting and product updates are all handled by MegaMeeting so there are no additional overhead or expertise required!

Receive a 30% commission on the recurring monthly revenues that MegaMeeting receives (for sales made by the Reseller). With each sale you make, you will be increasing the amount of money you will be receiving on a monthly basis.
Receive a 20% "finder’s fee" for all one-time meeting sales and referrals that purchase MegaMeeting services.

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