The cloud has become widely associated with convenience, scalability, and flexibility. Applications in the cloud are software tools that are easily accessed on any digital device to get you up and running in minutes.

Cloud HD video meeting apps offer all the best features of cloud software. Instead of downloading an application from the internet, you simply visit a page in a browser for a true HD conference experience. Today, your business needs the kind of high-quality, face-to-face communication that the cloud can offer. If you’re looking for the best video meeting app, the cloud can give you exactly what you’ve been searching for.

What Are the Four Types of Video Conferencing Solutions?

Today, video conferencing is undoubtedly an important tool for your business. It may have been less important before COVID-19 changed the world, but in 2021, most companies are aware of the value that a video conferencing solution can bring.

There are all kinds of video conferencing solutions out there today. However, they generally fall into four categories:

1.      On-premises traditional video conferencing solutions use proprietary hardware and software to bring people together. These tools use high-quality meeting room hardware and are expensive. The quality of the solution is high; however, it adds a considerable amount to corporate overhead. These tools also require IT support internally to be deployed and maintained. Finally, you will also have a third-party vendor that sells you the equipment and service. You’ll see the vendor periodically because they will need to come onsite to make adjustments and upgrades.

2.      Web conferencing solutions work well for both a small group of presenters or a large audience. These solutions are browser-based and run by a third-party vendor. This online service is great for presentations, conferences, training, and large corporate live meetings. Typically, attendees can participate via a phone connection or by a computer with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service. These tools are great for their advanced features like screen sharing, white-boarding, and instant messaging/chat.

3.      Meet me video services are also called reservation-less conferencing. As the name implies, you don’t have to schedule this service. The process for connecting is browser-based just like a web conference. It’s kind of like the old days of calling cards, where the line is always open, you just needed the codes for using the service.

4.      Cloud HD video meeting services are the easiest to use of all of these tools. Like web conferencing, you can attend a meeting or dial up from any digital device. The service is high quality and feature-rich, but doesn’t require in-house equipment or hardware.

There are pros and cons to all of these services. However, using a service that offers cloud HD video meetings gives your teams a great deal of flexibility that they simply don’t have with on-premise applications. Web-based video conferencing and meet-me video solutions aren’t as easy to use as an app. Today, the best video meeting apps can be found in the cloud. Here’s why.

The best cloud HD video meeting apps compare very favorably to even dedicated conferencing setups.

Benefits of Cloud HD Video Meeting Apps

Some of the biggest advantages of cloud video conferencing apps include:

·         They’re easy to deploy and manage. Anytime you can use a cloud application over a traditional on-premises solution, you will save time and money. Deployment of these tools requires no in-house IT staffer and you can utilize standard, instead of proprietary, equipment. You simply use your chosen digital device to follow the link provided by your cloud HD video meeting provider. Both off the shelf, plug-and-play webcams, as well as microphones, headsets and conferencing devices are all supported.

·         They offer excellent data analytics to help you track who is (and how you’re) using the service. Your company can benefit from frequent reporting of data sets that will help you understand exactly how you’re using these tools. It will help you understand the ROI of your HD video conferencing solution across your company.

·         Improved cloud security benefits your business by keeping it just a little safer. Cloud video conferencing parallels your firewall to facilitate secure meetings on any digital device. The best video meeting apps encrypt data both at rest and in transit, for the highest quality picture in the most secure service available today.

·         Cloud apps are compatible with your current tools. One of the benefits of cloud-based tools has always been that they use powerful application program interfaces (APIs) to integrate smoothly with your existing apps This means your cloud HD video meeting solution could integrate with your company databases or other communication tools such as email or instant messaging. That helps improve the efficiency of your teams while creating a more effective way to communicate and collaborate.

·         Easy to use user interfaces are designed to be click-and-play. These apps are highly intuitive and don’t require training in how to use them. We can’t say the same about on-premises traditional video conferencing solutions or even some of the cloud-based solutions embedded in some productivity and project management tools that are out there today.

·         Updates happen constantly in the cloud, so a cloud HD video meeting app is more secure. You don’t have to wait for updates; they happen automatically online. This is hugely beneficial because we all know that security threats change constantly. The best cloud video meeting apps are constantly updated with no need for a manual process. These tools are upgraded and updated as soon as changes to the application occur.

·         Scalability remains a key benefit of cloud app technologies. These tools make it easy to add and subtract employees or end-users. You can scale up or down as needed. The best video meeting apps can easily grow with your company. There are no additional phone lines or equipment to install, either. You simply go into your easy-to-use dashboard and make a couple of tweaks. It makes doing business with these tools simple and effective.

·         The affordability of cloud video conferencing apps is a key benefit. You already know there is no equipment to add, but a cloud HD video meeting service is also very low-cost considering the quality of the solution. For a single, per-month user fee, you can reap the benefit of this technology as often as you wish. Your employees can access the app and use HD video conferencing to collaborate and get business done.

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