Let’s face it, digital technologies have changed each and every aspect of business operations. This has forced many businesses to embrace digital technology and change their workplace environments into digital ones, embracing the latest technology. Companies are reducing costs everywhere by using video and web conferencing and one use case in particular that is getting a lot of traction is an online job interview. In fact, this is one of the hottest trends in using video conferencing in today’s workforce.

From what we’ve seen at MegaMeeting, an online meeting tool is perfect for job interviews and I’m imagining more and more companies will start to implement this into their employee searches. In addition to helping a company outdo its competitors, things like a video conferencing interview can benefit a company in the following ways:

Expand a Company’s Global Candidate Reach

At times, barriers created by geography prevent companies from hiring the best talent. However, with video and web conferencing, companies can employ the best talent in the world since conferencing gives them a global presence with job seekers pretty much anywhere.

MegaMeeting Video Conferencing has many use cases; pictured is a one-on-one job interview. 

Saves Money

This is because of the fact that organizations using video and web conferencing don’t spend a lot on hiring employees. Face to face interviews can sometimes be costly, especially if you have to fly in candidates. On the other hand, holding an interview through a video conference can help a company save a lot of money.

Environmentally Friendly

This technology is environmentally friendly; you’re reducing your carbon footprint by not traveling. By holding interviews through video and web conferencing, you are showing the candidates that your organization is focused on being green. Keep in mind that some candidates like companies dedicated to protecting the environment.

Accelerate the Decision Making Process

Video and Web Conferencing solutions enable companies to fill positions faster due to the fact that candidates can be interviewed within the shortest time possible. With video and web conferencing, a company can hold a video conferencing interview with job applicants anywhere and at any time, meaning that job applicants will not have to travel for interviews.

Can Strengthen a Company’s Brand

Conferencing can help a business improve its branded image. This is because of the fact that companies that offer a unique interview process often stand out from competition. Holding interviews through video and web conferencing shows the candidates that your company values the time of their employees. It also shows progressive thinking by the company who uses state-of-the-art technology to keep itself relevant.

Green, environmentally-friendly, and easy to use - MegaMeeting Web Conferencing

Help a Business Make More Informed Decisions When Hiring

This is due to the fact that video and web conferencing can make it easy for employers to compare candidates as interview sessions can be recorded and saved. Employers can watch the recorded interviews and make an informed decision as they will not pass over any important information which they may have missed during the interview process. Keep in mind how important body language is as well.

Hundreds of companies have added video conferencing to their interview process because they have come to know the benefits online conferencing has to offer. Video conferencing can help your business save time and money and also enable you to attract the best talent from any part of the world. However, to enjoy the benefits mentioned in this article, it is important that you take your time when looking for and reviewing video conferencing software, online conferencing software, and webinar software, so that you choose the software that will work best for you and your company. MegaMeeting offers plenty of options and solutions, from small businesses up to large enterprises. Check out our website for more information regarding the benefits of using video conferencing for job interviews or anything else - www.MegaMeeting.com

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