Online meeting tools such as webinar and web based video conferencing solutions have changed the way teaching is conducted in today’s educational institutions. These tools, which were previously predominantly used in the corporate world, have made distance learning possible.

Colleges and universities are using the latest web tools, which also come with a variety of useful features, to provide an improved elearning experience to their students from just about anywhere on earth.

Today's online meeting solutions are designed to not only create virtual one-on-one video/web meetings between an instructor and student (where both parties can interact with each other), but also provide a way to conduct a "one to many" webinar, where an instructor or guest speaker can present to many students at the same time. In-between these two very different types of meetings, lies the ability for groups of students to get-together in "study groups". By offering such a diverse way to conduct online meetings, today's solutions are able to address all aspects of the needs of educators and students throughout the world.

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Read on below to learn how today’s educational institutions are taking advantage of online meeting tools to provide the best elearning experience.

Education Without Borders

First and foremost, webinar and online meeting tools have made it possible for education institutions to reach a diverse group of students from anywhere across the globe. Interested students only need a computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone to participate in these online classes.

Enhanced Curriculum

Today’s online meeting tools are designed to facilitate the easy and effortless sharing of high definition video. Boring and dull presentations and charts have now been replaced by attractive and engaging high quality videos that are much closer to real life experiences. This enhanced curriculum help push the boundaries of learning as it engages students even more.


It is common for students and instructors to collaborate with each other and their peers in a bid to further enhance the learning experience. Online meeting tools, such as webinar and video conferencing solutions, help create a higher level of collaboration between all these parties.

Elearning with MegaMeeting Online Classrooms

For instance, students and instructors no longer have to travel to share collaborative learning sessions. This can be easily done through a video conferencing system. Learning institutions can also share their teaching resources efficiently using these systems.

Furthermore students and teachers are able to form virtual study groups, regardless of where they are, where they can exhaustively discuss any relevant subject matter.


Top of the line online meeting tools are designed to enable unobstructed engagement. Participants can discuss, share material and even make their own contribution in a single presentation in real time. This helps create a learning scenario that is as close to the real classroom experience as possible.

Virtual Field Trips

Planning and coordinating field trips can be quite a hassle, as well as take up a substantial amount of resources. When taking such trips becomes difficult to make happen, online meeting solutions can help bring the outside world into the classroom.

Virtual field trips are becoming more popular as educational institutions are becoming more aware of their many benefits.

Recorded Lessons

To facilitate self paced learning, as well as provide revision material to students, education institutions are turning to recording lectures offered through webinar and video conferencing solutions.

According to research findings, visual learning is twice as effective in capturing the attention of learners and delivering a memorable learning session. Online meeting tools have diversified elearning and made it even more effective as demonstrated above.

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