How many times have you traveled to a client meeting and felt like it was a waste of time? Have there been times you wished you didn’t have to drive to meet with your team members for training?

While these communications remain crucial to your business, today you have options. There are a variety of online tools that can facilitate collaboration; one of them is web-based screen sharing. How can these tools improve small and medium size businesses in their efforts to improve communication and the bottom line?

Understanding Web Based Screen Sharing

Powerful screen sharing software coupled with the Internet now allows individual workers to share their computer screen with remote audiences. You can use these tools for:

·         Online meetings
A screen-sharing video conference session can allow you to share a chart, graphic, or image between multiple parties. This is real-time communication, so you can see changes as they happen. The “switch meeting presenter” feature, standard in most of these applications, can allow multiple workers to share and view documents back and forth. It’s a very powerful way to collaborate.

·         Online presentations
You can engage a remote customer with an online demo presentation. But you can also let the customer “drive,” giving them remote control of the keyboard or mouse. The usefulness of this feature extends beyond the presentation; it’s an extremely helpful troubleshooting and help desk support tool.

·         Help desk
A screen sharing video conference call can allow IT teams to figure out problems by taking control of the mouse or cursor on a remote PC to help understand the root causes of computer issues.

·         Video conferencing
You can monetize a video conference and earn revenue or use web-based screen sharing to train teams. While a phone conference remains a valuable tool in business, audio misses the nuances of body language and facial expression that is important to facilitating conversation, collaboration, and real understanding.

While these are all useful applications for web based screen sharing, why are these tools so popular? What are the advantages of using web based screen sharing? How can these tools benefit small and medium businesses in the same ways they help enterprise organizations?

Web-based screen sharing can keep you productive while working from home. Pets and kids notwithstanding.
Web-based screen sharing can keep you productive while working from home, pets and kids notwithstanding.

The Benefits of Web Based Screen Sharing

When travel isn’t an option, web-based screen sharing can help you connect and communicate with your target audience. While similar tools had been hypothesized for decades or even produced in limited numbers (remember how everyone once thought video landline phones would be a big thing?), screen sharing has improved radically with the onset of the internet. Online software as a service (SaaS) providers like MegaMeeting offer the same video conferencing tools big companies use at prices even the smallest companies can afford.

Today, web-based screen sharing is widely available, affordable, and can improve your small or mid-size business. Some of the benefits include:

·         Boosting company productivity
Many companies have teams that work remotely from a primary office. When these teams come together, they must travel to one main location. Imagine how much more productive your company could be when travel time is eliminated. But the productivity of these tools expands beyond cutting travel time.

·         Improving communication
Web-based screen sharing facilitates communication between teams. Screen sharing features can help teams communicate about incredibly complex issues. Instead of downloading a file, screen sharing a document can allow everyone to see things with one set of eyes. The same is true if you’re trying to troubleshoot a computer issue. Instead of forcing a remote help desk to talk you through a problem that could more easily be visualized, you can simply share your screen to see what the problem is.

·         Reducing the need for internal IT
One of the best features of any SaaS product is that these tools have democratized formerly sophisticated and expensive software for the masses. An online screen sharing session is easy to set up and facilitate. You don’t need a skilled IT team to use these tools. Literally anyone can set up and use this type of software.

·         Raising your sales ROI
How much time and money are wasted on sales deals that don’t close? Sales reps can fill their funnels with prospects, many of which simply don’t buy. If your sales rep is selling to a remote territory, how many times do they drive or fly to a client meeting site but then fail to close the deal? A screen sharing conference call can completely reduce the risk inherent in pitching new clients. It can improve your overall profit and cut waste.

While many customers won’t want to buy if they can’t see what you’re pitching, web-based screen sharing is the best way to reach customers without traveling to a prospect who may or may not end up buying your product.

·         Increasing training without increasing your budget
Bringing everyone together for training is incredibly difficult. Scheduling is always an issue, and there are usually costs associated with bringing in workers from out of town. Companies may consider cutting their training budget because of the hassles and costs associated with establishing regular training.

But web-based screen sharing can make training much more efficient. Teams can stay in the field and you can bring the training to any of their digital devices. Companies that use these tools may want to increase their overall training budget — instead of cutting it.

·         Offering a remote work option
Today, flexible work arrangements, including remote work options are the norm. Nearly five million Americans work remotely. This is an important trend for companies to take note of; studies indicate that the majority of millennials say they would turn down a job if the employers don’t offer a remote work option.

Why does this matter? The labor pool in every job category is thin, and worker shortages will continue in the coming years. Companies that want to attract top talent will need to offer remote or flexible work options. Web-based screen sharing helps keep remote workers connected to the business. It can allow managers who feel uncomfortable with these new work models to see what the employee is working on when they are out of the office.

A screen sharing conference call has some extraordinary benefits for the small to medium sized business. While you may believe these tools are out of reach, MegaMeeting has a robust, full-service platform to facilitate web based screen sharing that is affordable, secure, and feature-rich.

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