Video Conferencing & Webinar Solution
100% Web Based Video Conferencing with Screen Sharing, Recording and more!

Pristine Quality Video.

Crystal Clear Audio.

Quick Screen Sharing.

Video Conferencing
Group meetings of up to 8 users.
Quick huddles with your team.
Schedule recurring meetings.

2 Products.
1 Platform.
Video Conferencing and Webinars in one affordable package.

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Stream to up to 200 attendees.
Great for seminars and lectures.
Register attendees in advance.

Powerful Features

Powerful and Reliable Platform

Utilizing Amazon Web Services for the best in power, efficiency, reliability, and security.

All new API

Integrate video conferencing with your application with our easy-to-use API powered by GraphQL.

MegaMeeting Software Stack
Cutting-edge Technology

WebRTC video conferencing software powered by a modern sophisticated software stack.

Responsive User Interface

A web based conferencing solution that feels like a native application.

Private Branding

Custom Solutions

Enterpise Ready

Why MegaMeeting?

Web based video conferencing means nothing to download for your users, enabling quick video meetings. Our video conference api enables you to connect your website or application to an internet video conference.

Who Uses MegaMeeting?

Attorneys/Law Firms
Real Estate Agents
Health Professionals
Mortgage Brokers
Online Education
Consulting Firms
...and so much more!