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Powerful Features

Secure Video Conferencing
Up to 50 people on camera in a single meeting!

VOIP Audio & Teleconferencing
Crystal clear HD audio for web users, plus a conference call bridge for phone users.

Screen Sharing
Share the screen of your desktop or any application window on your computer.

Breakout Rooms
Move users between meeting rooms for separate conversations.

Email Invitations
Easily invite participants to a meeting via email using our built-in invitation system.

Send links to join a meeting via SMS.

Record your meetings and download an .mp4 to playback or share.

RTMP Live Streaming
Broadcast your meeting to thousands more via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and more.

Custom DNS
Opt for a co-branded sub domain for your account, or go all-in with a privately branded domain.

Private Branding
Purchase a white labeled version of MegaMeeting and customize with your own domain, logos, and colors.

Webinar Web Conferencing
Up to 500 in-room attendees, powered by Ant Media Server.

Upload your presentation and share your slides with a live audience.

Attendee Registration
Require webinar attendees to register in advance on a customizable registration page.

Waiting Room
Have meeting guests queue in a waiting room before being allowed to enter.

Video Player
Play video and audio from around the web during live meetings.

Text chat with the entire meeting or privately with other participants.

Secure Video Conferencing Links
Create unique access keys for each participant for maximum security of your video conference.

File Sharing
Exchange documents securely with other participants and save files for future meetings.

Manage your upcoming meetings and create unlimited events.

Integrate video conferening into your application with our GraphQL API.

...and So Much More!

Powerful and Reliable Platform

Utilizing Amazon Web Services for the best in power, efficiency, reliability, and security.

All-New API

Integrate secure video conferencing meetings with your application, thanks to our easy-to-use API powered by GraphQL.

MegaMeeting Software Stack
Cutting-Edge Technology

WebRTC secure video conferencing software powered by a modern sophisticated software stack.

Responsive User Interface

A web based conferencing solution that feels like a native application.

Pristine Quality Video.

Crystal Clear Audio.

Quick Screen Sharing.

Video Conferencing Software
Group meetings of up to 50 users.
Quick huddles with your team.
Schedule recurring meetings.

2 Products.
1 Platform.
Video Conferencing and Webinars in one affordable package.

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Webinar Services
Stream to up to 500 attendees.
Great for seminars and lectures.
Register attendees in advance.

Web Conferencing Software

Private Branding

Custom Solutions

Enterpise Ready

A Necessary Tool for Business

Video conferencing software and webinar services have extended beyond the board room, and are changing the way many industries interact and communicate with each other. As this technology becomes more available, more companies are adding web conferencing to their repertoire.

Why MegaMeeting?

Web based video conferencing means nothing to download for your users, enabling quick video meetings. Our secure video conferencing API enables you to connect your website or application to an internet video conference.

Secure Video Conferencing

You need to trust that your meetings are secure, in every sense of the word. Private information shared in your online web meetings and webinars should never be exposed, and your meetings should only ever be open to people you invite.

MegaMeeting uses WebRTC and a suite of other features to offer a secure video conferencing experience. We give you the power to lock down your video conferences, ensuring only invited parties can participate, and encrypting all your data. Since there’s nothing to download, you never have to worry about malware or other vulnerabilities.

Online Everything

Web conferencing software is a part of seemingly every company's online presence:


Many colleges now take advantage of web conferencing software to connect teachers and students. Webinar services are the ideal virtual classroom enabling nearly identical interaction when compared with physical seminars. Even virtual field trips are possible with the power of video conferencing software!

Financial Services

In this fast-moving environment where decisions need to made and trust is paramount, many financial institutions rely on video and web conferencing for instant meetings, collaboration, and review. MegaMeeting's encryption that is built in to the video conferencing software makes this possible.

Religious Organizations

Staying connected with their members and providing regular, weekly services is essential to many religious organizations. Thanks to Web conferencing software like MegaMeeting, these entities are able to quickly and easily hold remote sessions for their membership to join. And because MegaMeeting is entirely web based, joining the sessions are easy as clicking a link in email.

Who Uses MegaMeeting?

Everyone! The list keeps growing, but here are just a few that are using us daily:

Attorneys/Law Firms
Real Estate Agents
Health Professionals
Mortgage Brokers
Online Educators
Consulting Firms
Online Interviewers
and so many more!

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