Best Video Conferencing Services and Software for Small Business

There are many options for communicating today. Video conferencing has grown wildly in popularity. It’s particularly popular for the small business owner who now understands they no longer have to travel to a remote prospect or client site to conduct a meeting. Instead, the best video conferencing software for small business can connect them online with prospect, clients and employees quickly, efficiently, and for much less cost.

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Today, we use video conferencing for a variety of tasks:

  • Online meetings
  • Presentations
  • Remote team management
  • Help desk support
  • Team building

If you’re a small business owner considering video conferencing solutions, you’ll quickly see there are now dozens of choices in the marketplace. How can you select the best video conferencing services for small business?

Checklist for the Best Video Conferencing for Small Business
Traditional in-person meetings today are simply not as necessary – and are sometimes not possible – given travel constraints or tight budgets. Most companies have remote workers now, and bringing workers to an office just isn’t as necessary as in the past. But finding the right features and the best video conferencing software for small business is a complex endeavor. Here is a checklist to help you decide.

  • Call size and ability to scale is an important feature. Many free video conferencing solutions max out at a certain number or participants or have a time limitation. Look for an affordable solution that will grow with your company.
  • Call quality and reliability too often falls short of the vendor’s promise. The best video conferencing for small business should offer a history of uptime and support for their clients. This is especially true for a small business, which may be neglected as the “small fish in the big pond” by some bigger video conferencing players in the marketplace. Look for a vendor that gives you the service and support you need no matter the size of your business.
  • Security is increasingly important, as highly publicized hacker encroachments made “Zoombombing“ a household word. Video conferencing security is just as important for small businesses as enterprise organizations; in both cases, a cybercriminal can wreak havoc. The best video conferencing services for small business are HIPAA-compliant, which means the data feed is encrypted.
  • White labeling options are typically only seen in the best video conferencing services. A white label service allows the small business to tailor the video conferencing solution to their needs, while branding the meeting rooms with their logo and company name. This solution can pay for itself by allowing small businesses to resell video conferencing as a value-add for their clients.
  • Mobile-friendly should be the standard today, given that more than 90% of the world owns a personal cell device. But look for a video conferencing service that not only offers video conferencing from mobile devices but also has an extremely easy-to-use interface that supports smaller screen sizes. The best video conferencing for small business software allows end-users to interact across their own devices securely and efficiently.
  • Screen sharing is another important feature that allows true collaboration between video conference users. When you can share your screen, it increases your ability to communicate. Look for a small business video conferencing provider that has integrated browser-based screen sharing for easy real-time document sharing.
  • Meeting recording and transcription makes sure your employees and clients don’t miss a moment of an important video conference. The best video conferencing software offers easy recording right from within the call. It will also allow you to share the video recording and the transcription with anyone you like. This is a particularly helpful feature for employee accountability and follow-up.
  • Price and small business ROI means that the video conferencing service offers a manageable monthly subscription service but also reliability that pays for itself. Video conferencing can cut your company’s travel expenses substantially, but only if the service is reliable with good ROI for the small business.

Does MegaMeeting Meet the Standard for Best Video Conferencing for Small Business?
MegaMeeting scores 100% on all criteria for the best video conferencing software for small business. In addition to meeting the checklist, there are several “above and beyond” features that we offer our customers:

  • API integrations that seamlessly sync with your existing website and in-house applications. This allows you to embed a video chat button right into commonly used tools such as your website as well as any web-based application that you have programmed or developed within your company. These integrations can allow for one-click video conferencing functionality instead of having to travel through the cloud, connect the video conferencing provider, and then download their software.
  • WebRTC video conferencing is the backbone of the service we provide. It’s a preferable solution to traditional app-based products that require you to connect to central cloud services. Instead, web real-time communications (or WebRTC) does not require a download of application software to get started. This technology links directly into your web browser to launch fully functional video conferencing straight from your website. It’s a more reliable and secure way to conduct video conference meetings; there are no plugins or software to download. Behind the scenes, powerful API connections secure the service and integrate it with other technologies you use every day.

How much would you be willing to pay for the highest quality HD video conferencing solution? While many of the features MegaMeeting offers as a standard solution may sound like something only big business could afford, we offer a surprisingly inexpensive monthly subscription rate.

At MegaMeeting, we know you have choices when it comes to selecting the best video conferencing solution for your small business. That’s why we go over the top to offer you features and benefits that other commercial video conferencing solutions either do not have or do not offer at an affordable rate for small businesses.

At MegaMeeting, we believe that every business, no matter the size, is an important partner for our service. Using our software ensures you’ll receive the best, most reliable and secure video conferencing solution at the best price.

We’re so confident you’ll want to partner with MegaMeeting, we’re offering a 14-day free, no-obligation trial of our service. Click here to see how we’re different.

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