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Our top tier video conferencing and webinar solution for enterprises.

Plans start as low as $79/mo per Host

Wholesale Video Conferencing

100+ Licenses:
$10 Per License | Per Month
1,000+ Licenses:
$5 Per License | Per Month
10,000+ Licenses:
$1 Per License | Per Month
Licenses can be used for a single entity
or resold to other entities.
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Video Conferencing
Group video meetings

Up to 50 participants

1-to-Many streaming

Up to 500 attendees

Audio Conferencing
Group audio meetings.

Screen Sharing
Share your desktop or application windows.

Video Player
Play video and audio from around the web during live meetings.

Waiting Room
Guests can queue in a waiting room before being allowed to enter.

Breakout Rooms
Move users between meeting rooms for separate conversations.

Public and Private text chat between participants.

Secure Meeting Links
Unique meeting access codes per participant ensure secure video conferencing.

File Sharing
View and exchange images, documents, video and more.

Email & SMS Invitations
Built-in system for inviting guests to meetings.

View meeting history and usage of your account.

Record your meetings and receive a downloadable MP4.

RTMP Live Streaming
Stream your meeting to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and more.

Integrate with your sites and applications.

Private Branding
Customize your site's logos, colors and more.

Custom Domain
Use your own domain name with Free SSL.

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Made For Enterprise

By leveraging Enterprise video conferencing software, businesses improve their collaboration with suppliers and vendors. This technology is extremely effective at enabling businesses to engage with all their business partners. The result is a vastly streamlined supply chain that gets everyone on the same page. Ultimately, it decreases the time it takes to get products the market.

Management can leverage Enterprise Video Conferencing to actively participate in product development cycles, particularly in tracking and reporting. Instant, on demand inspections to ensure everything is running smoothly are as easy as 1-click. All of which can be done remotely without needing to spend time and money on traveling to production locations.

Connecting Everyone

MegaMeeting provides the best enterprise video conferencing solution for businesses to link development teams from New York to New Delhi, unifying the product design process and mitigating any potential development problems. Imagine simply holding up a piece of hardware to a camera, and being able to talk about it with people across the globe, with no need for expensive travel.

The best enterprise meeting software solutions allow businesses to face the difficulties of a global economy in a cost-effective way. Companies do not have to fear sustainability issues that are characteristic of today’s global economy. Using Enterprise Video Conferencing, you gain a competitive advantage, allocating more of your resources, time, and effort to more important tasks and developing high-quality products and experiences for customers.

Top Notch Video

What makes MegaMeeting the best enterprise video conferencing solution? For starters, it is 100% web based and requires no downloads. Secondly, it is powered by WebRTC for the highest quality streaming real time video available today. And last but not least, it has an affordable, scalable pricing model that lets the product grow with your business’ enterprise meeting software needs.

Enterprise Meeting Software

Stay in touch with your workforce, with your vendors, with your partners, and with your community across the entire world. MegaMeeting supports 1-on-1 enterprise video conferencing and small-group meetings for individuals to connect and teams to plan, as well as 1-to-many webinars for company-wide addresses, shareholder meetings, and more. Our enterprise meeting software empowers multinational companies to be agile and productive, no matter where your workers are located.