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Every so often, a disruptive technology emerges giving rise to a new way of doing things. In this decade, WebRTC might be considered the foremost disruptive technology to emerge in IT. It has all the markings of disrupting how communication, be it personal or business-oriented, takes place. With a design that makes it inherently easy to use, secure and private for the users, and providing users with reliable yet high-quality audio and video communications, WebRTC will massively improve the way we communicate.

This assertion holds true for the human resources sector. Human resources managers stand to gain immensely from using HR video interview software based on WebRTC standards. Human resources managers and the executives responsible for recruiting talent can take advantage of video conferencing all through the recruitment process.

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HR Video Conferencing Software and The Recruitment Process

For instance, video interview software is being used in the pre-screening stage of the recruitment process. By using this technology, the HR department of any business – whether big or small – can cast a wider net in their search for new talent. MegaMeeting allows HR personnel to pre-screen candidates in a faster and more timely manner.

Importantly, HR video interview software provides the capability to interact with the candidates in real-time, providing a better feel of the various candidates when compared to audio and even video recordings. A video conference interview means the candidates do not have to travel, which makes the process simpler for them.

After the screening stage, HR personnel can conduct video conference interviews. MegaMeeting interviewing software features add-on capabilities that make it the perfect tool for remote interviews. Our software comes with browser-based screen-sharing capabilities and file-sharing features. These two features make it possible for the interviewing panel to access the interview stream from anywhere in the world and for the candidates to share all the necessary documents with the panel remotely.

Finally, after selecting the best candidates for their companies, human resources personnel can use video conferencing (and/or our webinars tools) to take the new employees through their onboarding process. The HR personnel can share materials with new employees in real-time and the new team members can ask questions and seek clarifications while still at their home office.

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The Benefits of HR Video Interview Software

Having looked at how businesses can use video conferencing software to conduct interviews, it is only right to explore the benefits that businesses stand to gain from taking up HR video interview software.

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HR Video Interview Software Helps Businesses Attract Remote Talent

Unlike the traditional method of conducting interviews, using a video interview platform allows businesses to access a wider pool of talent – the worldwide pool of talent. Not only can you draw candidates from your locality, but you can also tap into the global talent pool.

Given that video conferencing allows companies to have two-way video chats with potential employees from anywhere in the world, qualified candidates can apply from around the world, ensuring the company can fill available positions with the very best talent available in the world.

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HR Video Interview Software Helps Build A Stronger Bond Between Onsite and Remote Workers

At the end of the recruitment process, if a company finds some remote candidates to be best suited to fill particular positions, they can rely on video conferencing to keep in touch with these remote employees and further improve their development to meet their particular needs. The use of video conferencing by HR personnel does not end after the interview. Human resources managers can manage remote employees as well, ensuring that company staff are on the same page and moving in the same direction, no matter where they are across the globe

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Video Interviews Allow Businesses to Fill Up Positions Much Faster

Video conference interviews eliminate a lot of manual processes that traditional interviews require, such as document filing and notes taking. Given that every step is digitized, accessing any document needed for decision making requires only a few mouse clicks. The net result is that businesses can fill positions much faster without compromising on the quality of the recruits they end up with. This bodes very well for your business.

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Video Interview Software Makes the Recruitment Process Much More Cost-Efficient

The cost of bringing all the associated parties in the recruitment process to one physical location can be too high for a business to bear. Whether you are looking to bring in potential employees from out of town, or bring an out-of-town executive to the interviews, companies can end up spending a lot of money on travel and accommodation.

Conversely, opting for video conference interview software can reduce the cost of recruitment considerably. There are no travel and accommodation costs to incur. Additionally, the interviewing process in a video interview platform tends to be much more streamlined, reducing any waste of time. Time efficiency does add to the overall cost-savings.

Other benefits that businesses accrue from using web-based video conferencing during the interviewing process include standardization of the interview process, a stress-free recruitment process, and improvement of the company’s profile.

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