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Business Video Conferencing
Group video meetings

Up to 8 participants

1-to-Many streaming

Up to 100 attendees

Attendee Registration
Invite attendees to signup for a webinar.

Audio Conferencing
Group audio meetings.

Screen Sharing
Share your desktop or application windows.

Public and Private text chat between participants.

Secure Meeting Links
Unique meeting access codes per participant ensure secure video conferencing.

File Sharing
View and exchange images, documents, video and more.

Email Invitations
Built-in email system for inviting guests to meetings.

View meeting history and usage of your account.

Custom Account URL
Access your account at a unique subdomain of

Record your meetings and receive a downloadable MP4.

Integrate with your sites and applications.

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Company Meetings
Legal Prep

Business Class

Companies are utilizing professional video conferencing to increase efficiency and productivity. Employees no longer have to travel to meet with customers, or waste time in hotels, airports or traffic. They have more time and energy for other important tasks, and are empowered to be more productive in their day-to-day routine.

Business video conferencing solutions are being used to save companies thousands of dollars on their operations budgets. Using web based, secure video conferencing allows communication within the company to be convenient and much more cost-effective. Everyone can meet online - with anyone, from anywhere and at anytime.

Secure Video Conferencing

Professional video conferencing means security. While online meetings become increasingly important, so does the need for security when discussing and sharing important information online.

MegaMeeting's professional video conferencing software enables businesses to conduct their meetings knowing that all data is private. Meetings are end-to-end encrypted, and can only be joined by the intended participants. Only secure video conferencing is good enough for today's businesses.

High Quality

Business video conferencing also means dependability, reliability, and high-quality. Why compromise when you can have all of your company's needs met with one platform?

With 99.9% uptime, and the highest quality WebRTC video and audio streams available, MegaMeeting is perfectly suited to serve all of your professional video conferencing needs.

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