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Webinar Platforms
Distance Learning
Webinar hosting platforms

Benefits of Webinar Hosting Platforms

Conduct online trainings, seminars or product demonstrations for your clients, colleagues, prospects and employees. Host distance learning classes for online education. Broadcast live or record your webinar in advance and let attendees view it on demand. MegaMeeting provides the flexibility and convenience of hosting first-class Webinars for everyone to see. By offering powerful communication tools with ubiquity across all platforms, MegaMeeting makes Internet-based collaboration easy and affordable.

Best webinar software

Easy Access

Webinars done through the web browser attract far more attendees than those requiring downloaded software. With MegaMeeting's webinar hosting platforms, a guest can join a webinar simply by clicking a link in their email or messaging program. This ease-of-access is a boon for the average user who may otherwise miss out on important information, and it allows you to focus your efforts on a wider audience (not just the tech savvy).

Webinar platforms

Wider Reach

Webinar conferences serve a major purpose in the modern world, whether you are looking to train, educate, or sell. From online businesses, to churches and organizations, everyone is eager to reach out and speak with the masses without having to leave their home or office.

All it takes is a webinar hosting platform where you can instantaneously put hundreds of people together, in one virtual room.

Best webinar hosting platforms

The Best Technology = The Best Webinar Software

MegaMeeting's webinar hosting platforms utilizes WebRTC for secure web conferencing. This modern technology provides the highest quality and most secure video and audio stream available. When it comes to webinar platforms, after security and ease-of-use the next most important aspect is quality video and audio, and thanks to WebRTC we are able to deliver a higher quality than ever before.

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