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Features and Benefits of Our Webinar Software

Webinars are, by definition, virtual or online seminars that facilitate interaction between a speaker and an audience. The audience in question can vary in size from a dozen attendees to hundreds of people. The main difference between webinars and physical seminars is that the speaker and the audience can be in different places at the same time.

Webinars are used to host online events for product launches or introductions, executive briefings, sales presentations, employee trainings, and many others. You can essentially reach out to a wide target audience using premium audio and video live-feeds. This is what MegaMeeting’s webinar software is all about: Helping individuals and businesses engage with a broader target audience through technology and innovation.

The Best Webinar Software

Our webinar platform can help you create presentations that align with your company's guidelines and vision.

Our platform offers a wide range of webinar tools and customization options that enhance audience engagement, helping to make all your webinars memorable experiences. Our webinar tools are very similar to our video conferencing tools, which are used by industry-leading companies and professionals to connect to many viewers from across the globe. We help our clients become authorities in their niche industries through high-quality live video and audio streaming tools.

Main Features of Our Webinar Platform

One-to-many live HD video and audio streaming
Up to 500 attendees
14-day free trial
Secure, 1-to-many streaming
Attendance, audience analytics and performance tracking
Tools for creating captivating presentations and widespread audio-visual viewing
WebRTC support
Webinar registration and lead capture assistance
Our platform is browser-based and compatible with leading browsers, including Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

What You Should Know About Our Webinar Platform

1. Wide Reach

Our webinar platform will help you get the wide reach that you have been looking for. We offer direct and uninterrupted 1-to-many live video communication between you and your target audience. We facilitate online seminars of up to 500 attendees with no hitches or hiccups. We factor in the style and size of communication that our clients need when offering our service. Whether you need to host a small-scale product launch, or a massive employee training, our platform is the right fit for you.

2. Audience Engagement and Interaction

You may want to interact with your audience using questionnaires, polls, or other types of surveys. If so, you'll find our webinar platform will meet your needs quite well. Interaction in the course of a webinar is very important, as it enhances engagement and ensures viewers go home with concrete information and a solid plan of action. A well-implemented webinar used for sales or marketing will leave viewers with a proper understanding of a brand, company, or product, as well as what sets it apart from the rest. Webinars used for e-learning will give students the chance to ask questions and facilitate the best possible learning environment for their self-development. We ask you to explore our wide range of audience engagement-and-response webinar tools to experience the full potential of one of the best webinar platforms in the marketplace.

3. Screen and Media Sharing

For most webinars, speakers may wish to share or broadcast certain screens or media content to their audiences. If this is the case, MegaMeeting webinar software has got you covered. On top of giving you the ability to share a screengrab of your PC or any active window on your computer with your viewers, we also allow you to present documents, demonstrate software, and give presentations through our screen sharing feature. All you need is your web browser and our webinar platform, and you can share your desired content with your target audience at will.

4. Webinar Recording

While some webinars are used for product launches and marketing purposes, others are used for product tutorials and educational purposes. In each of these use cases, you may wish to record your webinars for later viewing or use. The MegaMeeting webinar platform allows you to record and save your webinars for later viewing, archiving or other purposes. You can save and download your audio, video, and screen sharing recordings in .MP4 format. You can also share your recorded webinars with other participants.

Webinar recording is an important feature that only the best webinar platforms provide. It allows speakers and content creators to document key moments of their online seminars. Even for small webinars, it can be very helpful to have the ability to review the content later.

5. Chat Easily During Webinars

Our webinar platform allows host-to-attendee and attendee-to-host chats during webinars. This means that, as a speaker, you can interact with individual members of your audience through secure chat. Private chats are not seen by other members of the audience. You can also create group chats between all members of your audience for effective Q&A sessions.

6. Attendee Registration

MegaMeeting helps its clients invite prospective attendees to their webinars by providing individual and unique links to each person who registers for a webinar. Our platform's attendee registration tool also sends automatic reminder emails to prospective attendees one hour before the webinar starts.

Become an Authority or Thought Leader in Your Industry Using the Best Webinar Tools

The MegaMeeting webinar platform can help you become an authority or thought leader in your industry. Simply hosting webinars on a particular topic with the help of our platform can allow you to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on a given topic without having to find a physical space to host your event.

Thought discussions conducted through webinars can be influential in making a name for yourself in your niche industry – just ask the hundreds of successful affiliate marketers who have used webinars for years to market their products and services to potential clients. You can easily make yourself an authority in your sector by leveraging our platform to make your message heard by the masses.

Key Benefits of Our Webinar Software

Talk directly with your target audience on a broader scale.
Generate new leads for your business or company.
Communicate in real-time with your viewers, regardless of time or place.
Enjoy numerous audience engagement and interaction tools.
Create customized webinar attendee registration pages.
Automated webinar reminder emails before start time.
Give personalized learning tutorials and teaching sessions.
Record and review all your webinars and share recordings.
Chat seamlessly with your viewers through private and public chats.
Invite anyone and everyone to your webinars through email invite links.

Why Use Our Webinar Software?

Our webinar software puts you in the homes and offices of people from around the world. We can help you go live to an audience of people from all over the world, all at once. One of your audience members can be in London, while another can be in Sydney, all while you are in Toronto. This is the connectivity and broad reach that our webinar platform has to offer.

We provide you with the ability to talk with your entire staff, company, or teams in multiple locations, all at once. This is all possible through MegaMeeting's webinar platform, which includes some of the best webinar software and video conferencing in the industry.

Online video interaction has come a long way since the days of buffering video calls. Today, communication through live video feeds is fast and seamless, because of numerous advancements in technology and high bandwidth capacities. Professionals from around the world rely on video communication for day-to-day interaction, consulting, and collaboration. If you are a speaker or moderator who has not yet embraced this technology, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. There are numerous applications of webinar technology that can be useful to a wide range of professionals.


The best webinar tools can help you market your company or business in a way that you have never done before. The whole point of using webinar software is to make sharing of content easier; one of the most common types of content that is crucial to the success of your enterprise is promotional or marketing content.

You can easily make use of online seminars to disseminate your marketing content without having a “salesy” approach. Seminars are traditionally viewed as avenues for learning and interaction – people still attend seminars today for the same reasons. You can make use of this unique edge to market your products and services to your target audience.

Also, visual or video content is an excellent and effective way to leave viewers with a lasting impression. A person who interacts with you via video is more likely to trust you and eventually buy from you than a person who talks to you via phone or on online forums.


Webinars are an excellent way to undertake learning sessions. People can come together and listen to one speaker talk about a specific subject or topic, and will leave the session with a lot of valuable information. Academicians and e-learners can make use of webinars to learn using visual tools. Complex concepts can be explained with charts and graphs, making them easier to understand. It's a well-known fact that many people learn better when they see something rather than when they hear it.

The MegaMeeting webinar platform comes in handy in educating your target audience on any topic under the sun. You don't even have to be a professor, lecturer, or thought leader to use our platform. All is you need is an idea or opinion that you want to share and a few people who are willing to listen to it. It's that simple.


Although webinars are commonly used to give presentations to large audiences, they are not always public. Webinars can also be used to host private meetings between individuals with a common goal or interest. Webinar software can be used within a company to host meetings or disseminate important announcements to employees in different locations. As previously mentioned, webinars can also be recorded and saved for future viewing, providing a valuable resource that people can refer to when necessary.

Generate Consumer Interest

One of the most unique ways to generate consumer interest in today's world is through webinars. Webinars are fun and easy to attend. People just need a computer, an invitation link, and a web browser to attend. The culture of attending webinars on the internet is quickly growing. Consumers are on the lookout for webinars that talk about products or services that they are interested in. You can drive demand and generate consumer interest for your products or services by hosting a series of webinars. The series can include product introductions, tutorials, how-to guides, and many others. Consumers will feel more connected to your brand when you directly show them how to use your products and services.

Engage Your Audience

Webinars make viewers feel as though they are taking part in something important. They feel like dignitaries or VIPs attending a seminar that's being attended by people from all over the world. The live and global nature of a webinar makes audience members more attentive and amped about the subject or topic under discussion. What all this means is that you can engage with your audience better when using webinars. Just try them and see!


MegaMeeting offers some of the best webinar software and one of the best webinar platforms on the internet. Anyone from marketing and sales reps to educators, business owners, affiliate marketers, managers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and ordinary people can make use of our webinar tools to reach out to their target audience in a broader way. Contact us today and learn how our webinar and video conferencing platforms can help you and your brand gain an upper hand in today's competitive world.

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