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For many, 2020 changed our perspective on video chat software. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted live video chat software from a nice addition for a sophisticated business, to a necessity for everything from keeping in touch with friends and family, to remote work, education, negotiating and closing deals, customer service, and much more.

Having video chat software for your website is the new business imperative, as critical to your organization as an integrated phone system. With these tools in place, social distancing becomes a bit less distant, allowing collaboration between everyone from the c-suite to your frontline workers, prospects and clients.

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Benefits of Live Video Chat Software for Customer Interactions

Live video chat with your customers can benefit your business long after COVID-19 quarantines are over. These benefits extend beyond email, customer service phone support, chatbots, and instant messaging.

Research shows us that 53% of your customers will abandon their online purchases if they can’t find a quick answer to their question, and 73% say valuing their time is the most important trait of a customer service rep. Your customers want a fast response to their questions and they want an engaging customer experience. Online video chat software fulfills both of these needs.

Having video chat software for your business website is a low-cost way to engage prospects and existing customers in the success of your brand. Live chat software can:

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Increase website conversions through lead generation and closed sales. Live chat is like walking into a business and engaging with a sales rep. It allows the live chat operator to find out more about what the customer wants — and then give it to them.

Improve customer relationships through the give-and-take that comes from personal interaction. Today, your customers want to engage with your brand. Having a live customer service rep that clients can see and chat with will improve their loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

Resolve problems quickly by providing support through live video chat. A Q&A on your website is one thing, but having a live human that can be SEEN available to solve problems will set your brand apart. Live chat agents can push documents through to customers that they need to solve problems or troubleshoot directly in a one-on-one. Screen sharing features can allow the video chat to turn into a tutorial that will give you five-star ratings from customers, quickly solving issues and turning them into upselling opportunities.

Discover what your customers want by uncovering what motivates them. What are your customer’s pain points and how can your company solve them? Online video chat software is your direct touchpoint into a volatile marketplace that will help your company identify trends or problems and help you respond quickly.

Easily accessible, visible, and responsive customer service is critical today to keep your business relevant. While your products and services are important, having live video chat software will help you retain current customers and entice new ones. It’s the instantaneous convenience of this format, coupled with the warmth of a live person, that makes it so successful.

Best Features for Video Chat Software for Your Website

If you search for an online video chat software vendor, you’ll find a lot of choices in the market. But finding the right vendor for this service is critically important to the experience you’ll have. Making the wrong choice will frustrate not just your internal customer service and sales teams, but also your customers, so you have a lot riding on this decision. What are the best features of live video chat software?

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Omni Channel Chat Experience Your online video chats should generate from all marketing channels, from email, phone, live website chat, messaging apps, ticketing, social media — or from anywhere else. Every customer query should be able to point toward the live video chat, no matter the question or where it’s coming from. This can boost your brand’s messaging consistency, by giving everyone the same engaging experience without having to move from one tool to the next to get help. Providing consistent customer service across channels will help you retain customers longer and sell more of your products and services.

Video or Voice Chats Giving customers the option to engage with your service team in the channel of their choosing, is a point of differentiation for your brand. The idea is that you are there to support them, whether they prefer calling or emailing or video chatting, or whatever their preference might be. While more consumers today are comfortable with video chats, perhaps connecting in another format is more appealing. That’s the whole point of a service mentality, and if you have it, you will also have customer loyalty.

Screen Sharing Being able to see who you’re talking to is one thing, but having them show you what they’re seeing is incredibly helpful support within the live chat framework. Letting customers share their screens or having an agent do the same can speed up the efficiency of the online video chat.

While Labeling Having the option to customize your online video chat software is critical for maintaining and reinforcing your brand standards. Generic video chat software for websites often lack these features. MegaMeeting knows that you’ve worked hard to build your brand, so we offer customization features for online video chats that make the experience seamless for your clients.

Live Video Chat Software Makes It Easy for Customers to Do Business with You

Live video chat with a customer service representative can help you make more sales. It can improve customer retention and spread the good word about your company. It’s a low-cost option for companies seeking to set themselves apart from the competition.

Online video chat software is the best way for your customers to feel supported. As your sales and customer service teams engage with callers online, it gives your organization opportunities to upsell. The ROI is clear — online video chat software simply makes it easier for customers to do business with you.

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