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The Best Online Video Conferencing API for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

As far as advancements in communications are concerned, real-time, web-based multimedia conferencing is the communication mode of the future. Increasingly, businesses and individuals around the world are enamored with the ability to seamlessly communicate and interact with anyone across the globe using their computers or mobile devices in real-time.

For businesses, communicating and consulting with suppliers, partners, consultants, employees, and even customers is exponentially easier when using WebRTC-based video conferencing technology. At the individual level, keeping up with friends and family is much easier regardless of the magnitude of the separating distance. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, your friends and family are simply a call away.

With the above in mind, and considering the fact that the mobile app market for both iOS and Android devices is ever-growing, there is a case to be made for businesses and entrepreneurs (such as video conferencing suppliers) to consider creating video chat for iOS and Android-based applications making use of video conferencing technology. Alternately, companies can incorporate video conferencing into their existing communication solutions and applications to take advantage of video conferencing.

Creating an app with WebRTC video conferencing capability is much easier and straightforward when making use of browser-based video conferencing Application Program Interfaces (APIs). In the same light, integrating these capabilities into an existing application is a rather straightforward endeavor with the right APIs.

However, it is not just a matter of using any run-of-the-mill API and hoping that you get the best experience possible. For the best user experience (on both developer and end-user fronts), you must use the best online video conferencing API for iOS and Android available. You must use APIs that take into mind security, ease of use on iOS and Android devices, and wholesomeness of features.

With that in mind, we will explore the factors that make MegaMeeting one of the best video conferencing API provider on the market. We will also delve into the intricacies that make the MegaMeeting API an industry leader in iOS video conferencing APIs.

What Are APIs?

Application Program Interfaces, better known as APIs, are tools that allow an application to tap into the hardware available on a device, to make a certain function possible – in this case, the function is video conferencing. Essentially, APIs provide the video chat iOS, Android, or other OS app with technical infrastructure to make real-time video conferencing. As such, video conferencing APIs provide the apps with voice and video integration, thereby producing the real-time multimedia communication characteristic of video conferencing.

What Are the Main APIs That Power WebRTC?

The most powerful video conferencing apps are built on Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) standards and technology. WebRTC is a free, open-source set of APIs and standards built into mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and browsers that allow multimedia communication via the app, without having to download and install any third-party plugins.

Google introduced the standards in 2011. However, over the last few years, many other tech companies, including Apple, Opera, Microsoft, and Mozilla, have all adopted the standards and incorporated them into their products and platforms.

WebRTC standards utilize native main APIs to make real-time web conferencing possible. They are:

getUserMedia: This JavaScript API captures videos and audio for the browser or the app. This is the main API that interfaces between the app or browser and the hardware, allowing them to access the microphone and the camera, thereby making real-time audiovisual communication possible.
RTCPeerConnection: This particular API is designed to actualize the peer connection between apps using signaling protocols. The API allows the peers in the conference to send each other video and audio in real-time over the web. As such, it manages the peer connection, right from making the initial connection and facilitating the efficient transfer of audio and video.
RTCDataChannel: This is another native WebRTC API. The API creates the channels requisite for data transfer between the peers. After the formation of data transfer channels, this API is responsible for the actual transfer of the data between the peers in the conference.

While most every video conferencing tool will utilize the above APIs, there are plenty of additional APIs that improve the quality of user experience for the end-users. Additionally, there are other APIs that extend the functionality of a video conferencing iOS or app.

For instance, there are error-handling APIs that minimize and handle any errors that arise. There are media recording APIs (like the MediaRecorder Interface) that record the audio and video streams. There are even statistics recording APIs (like RTCStats) that help track the various statistics derived from every video conference session.

As such, while WebRTC standards are free for all to use, not all video conferencing apps are created equal. Some are better than others on a myriad of fronts. The distinguishing properties can include enhanced security or additional complementary features. MegaMeeting’s video conferencing APIs are some of the best video conferencing APIs available on the market, as they are some of the most comprehensive video conferencing APIs available.

What Makes MegaMeeting the Best Online Video Conferencing API for iOS and Android Mobile Devices?

#1. Exceptional Experience

Unlike many other software companies in the video conferencing market, MegaMeeting is an experienced entity in the video conferencing industry. We have 15 years of hands-on experience in the development of video conferencing solutions and associated tools. Our research and development team has led the charge in innovation. We have developed unique APIs that help businesses meet their communication needs, including customized, solution-based tie-ins with their websites and other online applications.

We have helped companies across the globe improve their internal communications channels with their employees. We have enabled countless companies (big and small) to communicate better with their prospects and clients. The MegaMeeting API is the foundation of many successful online video conferencing solutions, including those that need iOS and Android integration into their web conferencing services. The range of APIs we have developed in the last 15 years allows us, as well as our clients, to be at the forefront of video conferencing.

#2. Easy-to-Integrate APIs

At MegaMeeting, we aim to do the heavy lifting and reduce your burden of product development. We make it our priority to do as much technology development for our clients as possible, thus allowing you to focus on serving your clients.

We take the same approach when creating technology for video-conferencing service providers; we want you to focus on branding your products and growing your customers.

To this end, we pulled out all the stops to make our API easy to integrate into video chat iOS and Android apps, as well as browser-based ones. For instance, we use GraphQL, an easy-to-understand and use query language. As such, developers can access our APIs using simple queries. Moreover, we provide extensive, clear, and easy-to-understand documentation for developers.

With MegaMeeting APIs, you can hit the ground running with minimum effort.

#3. Affordable APIs For Affordable Video Conferencing

The open-source nature of WebRTC makes it possible for businesses to develop their own web conferencing solutions. However, the actual cost to develop a full-fledged solution is typically prohibitive for many, if not all companies. Generally speaking, developing a basic web-conferencing app will cost anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Creating a web conferencing application with additional features will require even more investment.

Depending on the application, the development cost might end up in the millions, a cost that is too prohibitive for many small and large businesses. It is also essential to be mindful of the fact that the development of the application will continue long after the initial development is complete. After all, you have to keep the app current and compliant with the latest standards, especially on the security front.

Another cost factor is the opportunity cost associated with dedicating time to developing a great, easy-to-use API. Creating an efficient API is a slow process that takes many months or years. We have spent the better part of the last 15 years developing and perfecting our APIs.

When all the cost implications are considered, MegaMeeting is an affordable, robust solution that will not only help businesses meet their communication goals, but also enhance the company’s ability to meet the communications need of their clients, employees, consultants, and management.

#4. White-Label Video Conferencing Tool

Presentation is an essential consideration for companies using WebRTC-based tools and companies making consumer apps. Regardless of who the end-users are, you want to create a distinct look and feel consistent with your overall brand.

For instance, companies that utilize video conferencing in their apps to serve customers need to brand their apps to match their overall brand. In the same vein, companies that use WebRTC-enabled apps for internal communications among employees, consultants, and the management team must also brand their application for proper presentation.

Likewise, entrepreneurs creating video conferencing apps for the mass market need to brand their products in a manner that is consistent with their overall brand. Presentation is an increasingly important factor for businesses that want to stand out.

With MegaMeeting, you can get our APIs with white-label status. As such, you get a blank canvas on which you can create the brand image you need and want for your particular application. The choice of logos, colors, emails, and much more is all yours. You can customize seemingly every aspect of your app, without negatively impacting the performance and functionality of your app. This bodes well for businesses that want to take charge of their brand. It also comes in handy for entrepreneurs who want to create mobile-based video conferencing for the mass market. It allows you to create a custom product that you can sell as your own.

#5. The Best Online Video Conferencing API for iOS and Android Mobile Devices is Feature-Rich

WebRTC standards and APIs are free and open-source web video conferencing standards. Every business can create an app using the standards without paying any royalties and or fees. While this is a considerable advancement in the realm of business and personal communication, an application created using pure WebRTC APIs is, more often than not, less adequate than you might like.

The free open APIs revolve around multimedia communication over the internet, which, on its own, is not enough to be an effective communication tool for businesses. To realize the full spectrum of iOS and Android-based video conferencing apps, the app should have complementary features that extend the functionality of the app beyond the audio-video conferencing.

For MegaMeeting, we have included a plethora of other features that yield an exceptional experience. For example, with MegaMeeting, you will get APIs revolving around usage (with functions for creation, editing, joining, or ending meetings), authentication, etc. Moreover, you will also get complementary features that we’ve added on top of the basic APIs that include secure, non-discoverable text-based chats, file sharing, screen sharing, attendee registration, a web conferencing recording feature, and more.

Our browser-based video conferencing APIs combine to help businesses and individual users take full advantage of WebRTC technology.

#6. Our API Prioritizes Security

Unlike many other open-source projects that have security vulnerabilities, WebRTC has been designed to be inherently secure. For starters, the underlying technology is built into the browser and the platform – including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

As such, installing and updating the fundamental APIs does not involve accessing any third-party entity. The updates are embedded with browser updates or come as app updates. This negates the risk of installing malicious code in the end-user’s devices.

Moreover, the transfer of audiovisual data is secured via encryption. For instance, the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) encrypts the data streams, reducing the risk of unauthorized entities eavesdropping on the video conference. Furthermore, WebRTC standards make use of Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt the media streams. The combination of these security protocols ensure that the data transfer channels and actual data are protected from hackers.

However, for MegaMeeting, industry-standard security measures are not enough to satisfy us and our clients. We have gone a step further to protect every aspect of the video conferencing meeting experience, including the meeting room and even knowledge of the meeting. As part of our online video conferencing API for iOS and Android devices, we provide additional functionalities that secure your video chats, including providing secure meeting link invitation emails, meeting registration, and other additional security features.

As such, you can rest assured that the video chats and conferences created using MegaMeeting are inherently secure.


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