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The popularity of video conferencing skyrocketed in the first half of 2020. A global pandemic fueled the explosion in popularity of these tools for business commerce, for remote work, and even to improve communication between friends and family.

This has presented new opportunities for companies seeking new ways to boost online sales and expand their service offerings. Video conferencing reseller programs present companies and entrepreneurs with alternative ways to grow their business by providing a value-added service to their website. The incentive for both the video conferencing solution and the video conferencing reseller is financial, certainly, but it’s also a good way to expand customer networks at a time when many companies are facing challenges.

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Some of the benefits for the video conferencing reseller include:

Offering value-added services to increase current customers’ reliance on your business.
Expanding service line offerings to create marketplace buzz.
Improving your bottom line with monthly residual payments.
Offering a full-service solution without the costs of developing your own technologies.
Accessing reseller pricing that you can pass on to your customers while still increasing your profit margins.
Dedicated support and training from the video conferencing vendor, which benefits both you and your clients.

MegaMeeting has a robust offering for video conferencing resellers. Offering your current customers a new solution from a trusted, vetted video conferencing solution like MegaMeeting can build the credibility of a startup business while also strengthening the resilience of an established brand.

Private Label Web Conferencing

White Label Benefits Video Conferencing Resellers

The MegaMeeting video conferencing reseller program emphasizes our white label feature. Our white label video conferencing software service lets your clients conduct video conferences and webinars in one of two ways: 1. from a stand-alone or embedded product that’s fully branded with your company information, or 2. from a stand-alone or embedded product that is fully branded to their business. It’s a highly unusual approach where the reseller can decide whether they want to push their brand, allow their customers to have their own branding, or a combination of both. You can offer a “Standard” package that has the reseller’s branding, as well as a “Customized” package that allows for their customers to add everything from their domain name to all brand standards, such as colors, logos, emails, and more. This creates a customized, personalized, and seamless experience.

In our experience, the white label product sells itself. Enterprise organizations simply embed the white label video conferencing solution into their existing online environment. Whether it be internal teams seeking remote collaboration, or a sales rep trying to close a client, this video conferencing solution appears completely within the framework of the reseller’s or client’s brand. This is a highly customizable approach that is also surprisingly affordable — it’s certainly much less expensive than developing your own software.

For the video conferencing reseller, MegaMeeting’s white label offering also benefits your company by appearing as a fully integrated part of your existing service line. It’s a seamless, efficient, and smart way to tack on additional services that generate revenues and profits quickly.

Private Label Web Conferencing

The MegaMeeting video conferencing reseller program lets our partners offer their clients uniquely valuable service during a time when video conferencing usage and demand has gone parabolic.

It can create a guaranteed revenue stream for companies seeking additional sources of income as the economy downshifts or as business closures cut off established income channels.

This service is a perfect revenue opportunity for:

Medical practices seeking to offer telemedicine services, as well as reselling these solutions to other providers.
Office supply companies adding a video conferencing solution to strengthen the bond with their business clients.
Innovation labs and business startup incubators that offer services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Adding a white label video conferencing solution to their current service offerings of private office suites, event spaces, virtual business addresses, virtual corporate meetings and get-togethers, online tradeshows and more is a big value-add.
Computer and IT security consultants and companies can provide a branded, encrypted white label video conferencing service to their clients.
Logistics companies can offer video conferencing solutions to their distributors and supply chain partners to improve communication and collaboration with their vendors.
Telephony companies offering VoIP can add MegaMeeting’s white label service to their portfolios of services. Companies that currently lack a video conferencing solution will not have to spend money building their own technology. Instead, they can resell MegaMeeting to clients who want video alongside a voice offering.
Companies that specialize in engaging remote workers for enterprise organizations or even human resource firms can offer video conferencing as a value add for their clients.
IT software as a service (SaaS) companies can add video conferencing into their product offerings.
Videographers, audiovisual companies, and even marketing or communications firms can extend their service offerings by becoming a MegaMeeting video conferencing reseller.
Nonprofit organizations can increase their revenue and save on expenses by adding a video conferencing page to their website. If members use their portal, the no-profit could earn revenue.
Chambers of Commerce or other community organizations can offer video conferencing to their members. By offering a significant discount through the video conferencing reseller program, it could even strengthen their community relationships.
Lawyers or legal mediators can offer a video conferencing solution to their business clients as part of their services.

Becoming a video conferencing reseller can add real value to your business at a time when this technology solution is wildly popular. Any business can benefit from this technology, and the white label program has some selling points that very few video conferencing solutions offer.

Getting Started in the MegaMeeting Video Conferencing Reseller Program

With MegaMeeting, the sky is truly the limit on your ability to earn. We offer our video conferencing resellers all of our traditional solutions, including our white label feature, to diversify your product offerings and your ability to earn. Our white label product can even be resold under your company name with no additional overhead for you to take on. Reseller account set-up, training, installation, security — it’s all handled by MegaMeeting. Your job is to sell the service, help on-board and take care of the clients, and cash the check.

The recurring monthly revenues for our video conferencing resellers are some of the highest in the industry, beginning at 30% and going up as high as 65%, depending on volume and commitment of the Reseller. With each sale, you increase the amount of monthly income.

Extend your product/service line with a branded video conferencing solution.
Expand opportunities to strengthen value with your customers.
Increase your monthly cash flow with video conferencing reselling.

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