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The increasing popularity of streaming solutions has made live video events a normal part of business strategy. Video content has become the go-to marketing tool for everyone from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to e-commerce and social media influencers. Church streaming services are now able to reach shut-in parishioners with a positive message. School board meeting live streams reach concerned parents. Live streaming is a standard on most news sites these days. Courtroom live streams make it on television—and a whole lot more.

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Today, about 80% of all the content being viewed regularly on the internet is through live streaming or pre-recorded video. Whether you’re being entertained, educated, or just plain sold, streaming solutions for businesses is a popular solution to cast a wider net.

What is Live Streaming?

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Live streaming is a video conferencing tool that lets you capture and broadcast information in real time, whether it be within the confines of a typical video conference or by interfacing to social media channels like Facebook and YouTube and broadcasting out to tens of thousands. To live stream, you just need an internet-capable digital device with a camera and audio, along with a live streaming platform like MegaMeeting. Most social media platforms offer a consumer-grade version of live streaming solutions. For businesses, you need a professional-grade application like MegaMeeting to ensure the quality of your live stream, as well as to enable you to broadcast out to larger audiences by interfacing with social media channels.

The popularity of live streaming is the authenticity and transparency of the event you’re filming. You can make your live stream public or targeted to an audience, but unlike prerecorded video that can be edited or otherwise “canned,” live stream is unvarnished and raw—even if you’re using a script.

It’s that rawness that attracts viewers. A business live stream is like watching a live sports event. It is the interplay of real-time activity that keeps us riveted to our screens.

How Can My Company Use Live Streaming?

With live streaming, you’re only limited by your creativity. There is an “in the moment” quality of these broadcasts that you can use to your advantage. You can do a live stream with your CEO and broadcast to your global workforce, engaging and motivating teams. You can live stream a new product launch to prospective and/or existing customers, and offer them an exclusive discount on the new product or service if they click the “buy now” button. The corporate c-suite can broadcast a board meeting to stakeholders who cannot attend in person. Your HR team can even interview employees live and ask them about their jobs. Large live virtual events can be conducted by taking the meeting and broadcasting it out amongst social media channels and audiences like YouTube and Facebook.

You can also record the live stream, no matter what it is, and use pieces of video from the event as a promotional tool on social media. Finally, try monetizing the event by offering it as part of a subscription service to your customers.

While these are just a few options, who is using live streaming solutions right now to build their brand?

Who Uses Live Streaming Solutions?

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The sky is, literally, the limit when designing a live streaming solution for your business. Here are three diverse examples of where we’ve seen live streaming put to good use recently:

  • Church streaming services have been around for a little while. Some of the “mega-churches” in the industry regularly conduct live stream services to reach a global audience. But the worldwide pandemic pushed church streaming services directly into the mainstream for even smaller congregations. What churches learned during this process was that they could expand their reach to the elderly and infirm, or others who were unable to go to church and desperately missed it.

  • Courtroom live streaming is so normalized, we have entire television channels devoted to showing the biggest trials as they happen. Just Google “courtroom live streaming” and you’ll find dozens of local courtrooms showing what they do online. It’s an interesting way for taxpayers to see how their dollars are spent, and for many of us an educational event to see our justice system at work. There is also an element of entertainment; you can probably think of a famous trial that you’ve seen during a courtroom live stream. Sure, the “live stream” might have been a TV channel back then, but the principle of the broadcast is the same. Each of these events are (and should be) professionally handled by a video conferencing solution like MegaMeeting, with the event then live streamed out to one or more social media platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube.

  • School board meeting live streams are a very good solution for school districts struggling to engage parents in tricky areas like rules and regulations or curriculum development. Given that a school board is an appointed body, where in most cases the members are voted in by citizens in the district, live streaming adds a needed layer of transparency for taxpayers and parents. Many homeowners have sizable portions of their taxes go to their school districts. A school board meeting live stream gives you a better sense of where all that money is going.
  • While these are just three examples of how non-profit, government, and educational institutions are making use of live streaming solutions, there are many others. In the modern business environment, organizations use these tools to build their brand, as well as train and correspond with company employees, clients and prospects. But there is one key thing that most companies should seek out before conducting a live stream: White labeling to really maximize their brand’s impact.

    What About White Labeling Live Streaming Services?

    With MegaMeeting, you can live stream your events for marketing, sales, and to build your brand. We offer a true white label service that lets you fully rebrand our live streaming solutions using your own company name and logo. This changes everything for even the smallest business customer. With our tool, you can have the appearance of creating a fully branded live streaming application without the expense and hassle of doing it yourself.

    classroom video conferencing

    MegaMeeting’s white label live streaming allows our clients to monetize this service. Our customers can charge membership or subscriptions to a channel on their website that is pay-to-play. They can offer courses as part of their consulting or legal services. They can also use it to increase engagement with current clients by offering a steady stream of events and activities designed to keep customers interested in your brand.

    Live streaming is changing how we communicate. Talk with MegaMeeting today about how we can put this technology to work for your business, non-profit, or government organization. We can help you achieve your goals.

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