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Prompt, efficient and effective communication is essential when it comes to succeeding in today’s highly competitive business environment. Entities that are able to share important information and knowledge with their staff and suppliers and create strong connections with their customers are, by far, more competitive than those that do not.

In a world where market trends change at a moment’s notice owing to the swift distribution of information via the internet, it is up to businesses to take advantage of the existing communication solutions and avoid being left behind; this is where online video calling proves its worth.

Conference video calls allow different parties, located in different locations to hold meaningful conversations, in real time, while seeing each other via the internet. Video conferencing, an advanced form of video calling, allows more participants to join the conversation in real time, effectively creating a meeting online.

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Timely Meetings

Planning in-person meetings can be quite hectic. Two of the biggest challenges include choosing a date and time that is good for all invitees, as well as ensuring that all attendees arrive for the meeting on time. Online video calling helps businesses overcome these challenges; meetings can be scheduled at any time of the day and attendees no longer have to travel to a specific venue, which might sometimes be the other side of the world. Since online video conferencing solutions also facilitate the recording of the proceedings, any invitees who cannot make it can review the recording at their most convenient time; this is especially great for employee training sessions.

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Linking the Workforce

Today, an increasing number of businesses have a workforce distributed in different locations. Online video calling with no download makes it easier for businesses to facilitate the swift and efficient flow of information between different teams of employees from different locations. To collaborate, employees no longer have to meet in person to share ideas and important information. Employees who are always on the move can follow all meetings or conversations on the road using their internet-enabled mobile devices and the existing mobile video conferencing infrastructure.

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Improved Employee Satisfaction

Staff morale is essential to the success of any business. Today’s worker wants a flexible work timetable that does not leave them stuck at the office all the time, or on the road travelling to meetings. This has led to the development of a remote workforce. With online video calling and video conferencing, employees can work away from the office and still follow all business communications just like they were there, in person.

Less time at the office or on the road commuting reduces the associated mental and physical stress and improves employee job satisfaction.

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Efficient Communication

Efficient and effective communication is essential to the success of any business. Online video calling and conferencing facilitates efficient communication. Participants can share visual material such as mockups, conduct demonstrations; and more importantly, stay focused on the conversation being carried on. Since participants can see each other, the temptation to focus on distractions is also minimized. Online video calling with no download is as fast and efficient as meeting can be.

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Create Deeper Personal Connections

Visual communication is powerful. It is easier to create a deeper understanding with someone when communicating via video than it is via audio. This is because it reveals facial expressions and body language, two important aspects of human communication. By creating a deeper connection between employees, executives can be sure that their message is being received and understood by employees who create a deeper bond, among themselves and with the organization.

Even more importantly, online video calling can help businesses connect with their customers at a deeper level as well; customers can put a face to the entity, thereby building their trust in the brand. This helps enhance customer satisfaction and fosters customer loyalty.

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All in all, video conferencing and online video calling helps businesses become more competitive. Different teams within the business can share important information and knowledge faster and more effectively, reducing their time to market. Manufacturers and suppliers are able to work closely with the business to meet quality requirements, discuss modifications and ensure that each step of the production process is carried out to perfection, regardless of their location, be it the next city over or all the way on the other side of the globe. Customer support staff can build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by making real connections with the customer base.

Time and money savings made as a result of using online video calling to eliminate unnecessary employee travel also further enhances the entity’s competitive advantage.

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