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Software affiliate programs extend your business reach by providing you with steady passive income. SaaS affiliate marketing programs are easy to launch and only require that you promote the company’s existing service line to your audience. When your customer signs up for SaaS affiliate products, you’re paid a commission. However, not all of these programs are built equally, and there are characteristics of the best SaaS affiliate programs that you should search for before adding these initiatives to your revenue generation stream.

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Why SaaS Affiliate Products Sell

When you hear the phrase “software as a service,” most Internet-savvy shoppers recognize the benefits of the SaaS model. SaaS affiliate products are most often assumed to be:

  • Lower cost, with a monthly subscription fee instead of one upfront software license.
  • Higher commissioned, because there are no physical products that cut into profit.
  • Highly valued by even small companies, who typically use SaaS applications to run everything in their businesses, from inventory to marketing to billing.

Software affiliate programs are great ways to monetize and infuse a fast revenue generator into an existing business.

What to Look for in the Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

If you’re searching for the best SaaS affiliate program, there are many choices available to you today, and, like any product offering, some are good right “out of the box” and some need improving. The first step in choosing the best SaaS affiliate program should be to define what sets apart the best ones from their less lucrative competitors. Look for these features:

  • Market Need Ask yourself what services will be highly in demand now and in the future. If you can align the right service with market demand, the SaaS product will literally sell itself.
  • Recurring Revenue Who doesn’t want a steady stream of money that you can count on each month? Look for recurring revenue programs with commission of at least 10% on sales.
  • Simple Commission Structure We’ve seen highly complex payment contracts that seem to promise big money from a sales quota that is unattainable.
  • No Commission Caps Why in the world would a SaaS affiliate program want to put a lid on their vendor partners? A commission cap would imply that the company is worried about keeping up with growth, or perhaps they aren’t as serious about making money as you are. Avoid these SaaS affiliate products.
  • Strong Track Record Look for a SaaS affiliate program that has longevity with their products in the market. Remember, you are putting your company name alongside its software. Trial the software to determine what the end-user experience is like.
  • Authenticity How easy is it to sell something that you’re not a fan of? Would you trust your valued clients to a SaaS product that you don’t regularly use yourself? The best SaaS affiliate products do not over-inflate the benefits of their products, but instead let the software sell itself.
  • Marketing Assets The best SaaS affiliate programs offer helpful suggestions, marketing materials, content, images, banners, or other information that you can repurpose to help your business. Even better, look for SaaS products that let you try them for free.
  • Free to Join Charging a “registration fee” to sign up for a software affiliate program simply isn’t a common or best practice that should attract you. Watch out for upfront fees and avoid them whenever possible.
  • Personal Branding This is an important category, although most SaaS affiliate programs do not allow personal branding of the software product. These branding programs, often advertised as “white label,” allow your company to create a seamless purchasing experience for the SaaS affiliate product that will make it easier to “own” the service offering.

Finding the right SaaS affiliate partnership doesn’t require a lot of searching. You’ve come to the right place. MegaMeeting meets all the criteria for one of the most effective and lucrative SaaS partnerships you can find online today. Here’s how we stack up:

  • Market Need In 2020, the need for video conferencing skyrocketed. Companies transitioned to remote work and they needed tools to keep employees connected. Schools went virtual and needed ways to teach remote students. Religious organizations took their teachings online. Families couldn’t travel and learned to use the Internet to see their loved ones. By the fall of 2020, video conferencing became the norm and not the anomaly, making reselling these types of SaaS products more lucrative than they’ve ever been.
  • Recurring Revenue MegaMeeting offers our affiliate partners monthly recurring revenue when customers sign up for our subscription-based video conferencing SaaS product. This recurring monthly commission rate is 20% of every dollar received as a result of a lead you send to MegaMeeting.
  • Simple Commission Structure MegaMeeting’s 20% commission structure is the simple baseline for every subscription we sell from leads you send our way. It’s a simple, effective way for us to grow our business and you can reap the benefits as much as we do.
  • No Commission Caps There are no MegaMeeting commission caps. Our approach is to support you by selling our secure, clear video conferencing service to as many of the leads you send us as possible. Each sale made from the leads you send our way results in more regular income with no caps to hold you back.
  • Strong Track Record MegaMeeting has been in the video conferencing industry since 2003. We offer a long-standing track record serving some of the largest industries in the country. Our platform is a secure and effective way to communicate, with crystal clear HD video that is HIPAA-compliant for healthcare providers. Customer testimonials are the best indicator of our strong track record.
  • Usability MegaMeeting offers three products within our suite: “Starter”, “Pro” & “Enterprise”. Each of these products comes standard with video conferencing, as well as webinar services. These tools are in use every day by organizations in every industry, which makes for a product that is not only usable but also marketable.
  • Marketing Assets MegaMeeting offers a turnkey affiliate program that gives you all of the tools you’ll need to market the service. Further, we take care of the customer onboarding and training on our platform so that all you have to do is send the leads our way. Finally, we have some of the most responsive customer service teams in the nation. If you sign up for the MegaMeeting SaaS affiliate program, these are just a few of the marketing assets there to support our partnership.
  • Free to Join The MegaMeeting Affiliate program is 100% free for our affiliate partners to join. We even offer our service for free for 14 days to potential customers to let them understand the ease of use, security, and video quality available at the click of a button.
  • Personal Branding Unlike our competitors, the MegaMeeting white label feature allows our clients who purchase the Enterprise product to include their own branding in the product and truly sell it as their own SaaS application. We understand this is a highly unusual approach. We’ve been doing it for years, making the rebranding component of our platform a lucrative value-add for our clients.

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