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Here’s a bold statement: You can earn extra money in a SaaS partner program. The caveat is that you need to find the right SaaS partner program that makes it easy to sell and even easier to earn.

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The first step is to figure out which type of online software as a service is in high demand today. Since early 2020, there has been one service that is more in-demand for businesses and individuals than any other type of service:

Video conferencing has enabled companies to keep functioning while keeping their workers remote, and these telecommunication software tools have also kept families together—even while we’re apart.

If you’re considering adding a SaaS reseller program to your portfolio of business products, you’re in the right place at exactly the right time.

How Does a SaaS Reseller Program Work?

Building a software product is a costly, time-consuming undertaking that most businesses simply can’t afford and don’t have the expertise to produce. You can capitalize on the hard work of more established companies by joining their SaaS partner program to resell their software.

Reselling a software product is a type of revenue sharing that brings in monthly or quarterly recurring revenues for even an average salesperson or team. This is particularly true if the SaaS product has a track record of being in the market for a while and is in high demand.

Video conferencing is that service. The popularity of these tools is unquestioned these days; virtually every business and most individuals use video conferencing to communicate. So, how can you capitalize on the popularity of these tools?

A SaaS partner program allows you to earn a commission by reselling the software product. You find the product you like, sign up, and then promote to your followers. This could be as simple as adding a link to your website, however, if you actively sell video conferencing as a service today, you are almost assured a high rate of return.

For each SaaS subscription you sell, you earn money. You don’t have to build your own software solution and you can spend as much or as little time as you like promoting it. Then you sit back and wait for your check to arrive.

Who is Involved in a SaaS Partner Program?

There are three primary parties involved in this revenue stream model:

  • The software creator or merchant who built the digital tool you’re reselling. These companies are typically mid-size or larger, or they may be a startup that has investor funds. We recommend avoiding startups, as they simply don’t have a track record of customer service that will make it easy for you to sell their service.
  • The affiliate partner or Reseller —which is your business. Affiliates / Resellers can range from solo entrepreneurs, making use of the gig economy, to established businesses of all sizes. For example, a video conferencing affiliate partner could include:
    • A B2B accounting firm seeking ways to add value for their clients.
    • A college or educational consortium that wants to offer video conferencing to their members while increasing their bottom line.
    • A logistics company that wants to resell a product to their supply chain.
    • A social media influencer in the technology space.
    • A non-profit healthcare organization seeking a way to provide additional services to members while adding a revenue stream.
    • A solo entrepreneur with a side hustle that wants to add a simple way to make more money to their website.
    • A professional salesperson that wants to make regular commissions of recurring revenues.
  • The customer, or end-user, of the software product. This could be an individual or a business. This third leg in the tripod of the SaaS partner program is particularly important; without customers, nothing sells, there are no commissions, and there is also no mission to serve them well with your resold product.

For a more sophisticated effort, the savvy reseller partner could also allow their customers to resell the solution they themselves are reselling, so that everyone benefits. This third layer of monetization is complex but rewarding. We recommend starting the SaaS partner program first, getting it up and running, and then add to your level of sophistication in your distributor network.

Interestingly, in the case of MegaMeeting, it doesn’t matter whether the customer knows they are part of an affiliate or SaaS reseller program. Our video conferencing service allows you to fully rebrand our product as your own if it adds value to your business. This white label feature sets us apart from many other SaaS providers in the market today. Imagine how your clients will enjoy rebranding the video conference platform they’re using in a way that helps build their brand. With MegaMeeting, both our reseller or affiliate partners and their customers can rebrand our product as they wish.

Who Makes a Good SaaS Affiliate Provider?

In most instances, if you have a website, you can sign up for a SaaS partner program. In the case of MegaMeeting’s SaaS Affiliate Program, there is no fee associated with signing up. As an Affiliate, our SaaS partners benefit not only from our help with marketing and sales support, but also from us handling 100% of your new client set-up, customer service, and support. Simply send leads our way and we will do everything we can to close the sale and build your recurring revenue stream.

A second SaaS partner program we offer is our MegaMeeting SaaS Reseller Program, in which your job is to sell our service, with greater financial benefit to you. Given the hot market and our excellent years of providing service to some of the largest industries in the country, there are plenty of reasons why your customers should sign up for our video conferencing solution over commercial providers. MegaMeeting offers:

  • A white-label feature that allows our SaaS reseller partners to rebrand our service with their logo and brand.
  • HIPAA-compliance for healthcare providers seeking a telemedicine option.
  • Fully HD-video conferencing for a higher quality picture and sound.
  • 100% security features that mark us as the best in the business.
  • An easy-to-install browser-based platform with no frustrating downloads.
  • Up to 50 people for video conferencing in one room.
  • Webinars for up to 200.
  • Easy API integrations that allow you to embed a clickable video conferencing solution right into your website.
  • Fast, reliable, and 100% browser-based – it works on almost any Internet browser or digital device, with NO downloading of any software ever required.

For Affiliates, MegaMeeting offers a 20% recurring commission for all leads sent our way that purchase our products. Just send us the leads and we’ll take it from there.

For Resellers, MegaMeeting offers 30%-65% commission on sales you make, depending on volume and commitment. Once the deal is signed, we take over the rest of the process, unless you are “white labeling” the product as your own.

There is no cap on the amount or recurring revenue that you can earn. This is a fully monetized recurring revenue stream that is in high demand today. What are you waiting for?

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