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Web based webinar software for 1-to-many streaming.

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Distance Learning

Benefits of a Webinar

Conduct online trainings, seminars or product demonstrations for your clients, colleagues, prospects and employees. Host distance learning classes for online education. Broadcast live or record your webinar in advance and let attendees view it on demand. MegaMeeting provides the flexibility and convenience of hosting first-class Webinars for everyone to see. By offering powerful communication tools with ubiquity across all platforms, MegaMeeting makes Internet-based collaboration easy and affordable.


Webinars done through the web browser attract far more attendees than those requiring downloaded software. With MegaMeeting, a guest can join a meeting simply by clicking a link in their email or messaging program. This ease-of-access is a boon for the average user who may otherwise miss out on important information, and it allows you to focus your efforts on a wider audience (not just the tech savvy).


The real magic behind browser based web conferencing comes from integrating it into your own website, software application, or social media platform. Our easy-to-use API allows you to expand your usage of your account outside the confines of our standard user interface. But you don't need to be a developer to take advantage of this; by posting a meeting link on your website or social media you have instantly created a powerful integration! With an Enterprise account, you can deploy your own whitelabled solution that turns your product or platform into a web conferencing service for customers. Our industry-leading 24/7 US-based technical support is always on hand to assist you with empowering your application with MegaMeeting services.


MegaMeeting's latest web based video conferencing solution utilizes WebRTC for secure web conferencing. This modern technology provides the highest quality and most secure video and audio stream available. When it comes to webinars and web conferencing, after security and ease-of-use the next most important aspect is quality video and audio, and thanks to WebRTC we are able to deliver a higher quality than ever before.