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In the modern day, many companies are searching for a viable service line to add to their existing products to build long-term market value. There are many types of business models to consider in order to generate more revenue for your business. However, selecting a white label software solution to sell will give you some key features and benefits that can set this type of service apart from other service lines you may be considering. The trick is to select the right software tool to sell that will fulfill the demands of your potential customers.

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Developing a White Label Software Business Model

In the past decade, white label business software has become increasingly popular as a service line for small companies to capitalize on. Adding software as a service (SaaS) to your business model is a great way to increase your bottom line. Many types of companies have reseller programs that allow you to generate revenue from their ready-made products.

Standard software licensure is becoming a thing of the past as the ever-present cloud models continue to evolve. White label SaaS products have been created by an external company that allows you to capitalize on their hard work by rebranding the software for your business. Some examples of the best white label software on the market today include:

  • Email marketing software that lets resellers brand the tools with their logos and create custom dashboards.
  • Mobile apps that offer a white label software to sell as an option for their customers.
  • Search engine optimization tools available in white label form.
  • White-label label business software for social media management tools.

You can rebrand these tools and offer them to your customers. Some of the benefits of leveraging a white label SaaS product for your business include:

  • The hard work is done. You don’t have to spend time developing a new product. This can save you time and money.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in the product or how to sell it. Most of these companies will train you to use their product and even how to sell it to your prospects.
  • You’ll add not just revenue for yourself, but also value for your existing customers.
  • You can sell this white label software to entirely new lines of customers.

The best white label software SaaS solutions are a cost-effective way to earn revenue for your business. You won’t have to build anything or deal with interoperability issues or even develop marketing to roll the product out. All you need to do is market yourself to your clients, like you’ve been doing.

Adopting a white label business software model in some ways isn’t much different than franchising a business. A franchise is a pre-established brand; much of the hard work to establish credibility with customers is done. SaaS tools are characterized as being easy to use; your customer just logs in and can get to work. Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about security, feature upgrades, or any other updates. The actual software vendor takes care of all of this for you.

If you adopt white label software to sell as your product, all you have to worry about is closing deals. The recurring revenue from these tools is the whole point — so you can focus strictly on driving sales and revenue with none of the product deployment worries slowing you down.

If you don’t have the cash flow to build your own digital product, look around. There are dozens of options on the market today that could be a lucrative option for your company. But what SaaS product is so highly in demand today that you know it would be a slam dunk service line for your business?

Video Conferencing as a White Label SaaS Product

If you’re searching for white label software to sell, look no further than video conferencing. While companies have relied on video conferencing software for decades when seeking to cut travel costs, in 2020, the industry exploded. Business conferencing providers have experienced record growth as millions of people began using these tools for school, business, and even their healthcare needs.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many changes to personal and business workflows occurred in 2020, and they all normalized video conferencing as the number one way to communicate:

  • Travel bans taught sales teams how to close deals over a video screen.
  • Governments increasingly made decisions via video conferencing.
  • Patients used telemedicine to bring their doctors into their homes.
  • Students absorbed more knowledge online instead of in the classroom.
  • Even happy hours moved fun into the virtual world of video conferencing: board game nights with friends, seeing family across the country, or just chatting with loved ones.

The unprecedented growth caused by the pandemic is going to continue to grow, and is also not at all restricted to the United States. Globally, organizations understand they have a viable option over physically traveling to conduct business. Video conferencing solutions are expected to have a positive bottom line impact for large and small companies around the world for years to come.

Now that business customers and individuals have learned how convenient it is to chat online, the paradigm of how we work, communicate, and live have all changed forever.

This presents an unparalleled opportunity for any business seeking a guaranteed revenue stream. Although this type of communications technology has been around for decades, video conferencing is now the hot “new” thing. Could your business benefit by capitalizing on this market?

Capitalizing on Revenue from White Label SaaS Video Conferencing Solutions

MegaMeeting offers professional grade, HIPAA-compliant, high-definition, web-based video conferencing solutions for partners that wish to white label our product. Unlike traditional reseller programs, we allow you to completely rebrand our service as your own. We handle the customer support and “installation”—note that your clients will not have to download software to use our tools from any digital device.

MegaMeeting’s white label software business model allows you recurring revenue of anything you sell. There is no cap and you can fully brand the video conferencing solution with your corporate logo, colors, and brand standards. If you’re looking for a guaranteed revenue stream for your business, contact MegaMeeting for more details.

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