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Video conferencing services have moved from an occasional work need to a necessity for your business. Video conferencing solutions have benefited from this explosion, evolving the global video conferencing market into more than a $6 billion industry.

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Startup companies and established video conferencing solutions have been quick to capitalize on this new demand. Work from home policies, social distancing, and even government lockdowns all helped launch the explosive growth and adoption of video conferencing solutions. Other factors driving the growth of video conferencing usage include:

  • Organizations seeking greater efficiency by cutting travel costs;
  • Remote work as a growing trend;
  • Increased globalization driving the need for communication across time zones.

Simultaneous to this market growth, we’ve seen many businesses struggle to meet changes in consumer behaviors. Other companies have shifted to ecommerce or leveraged some other sort of shift in their product and service offerings to meet changes in demand. In this volatile and challenging environment, it is only the companies that illustrate business agility that will survive and even thrive.

If your company is like so many others today, you are probably searching for new tools to add to your existing service lines to meet the latest in consumer demands. MegaMeeting offers a unique service that will add value to your business while capitalizing on the great need for secure, reliable video conferencing solutions. That service is our white label SaaS video conferencing solution.

Developing a White Label SaaS Service Line

MegaMeeting’s white label SaaS business product offers you a way to earn money by becoming a white label SaaS reseller. If you’re seeking a way to expand your online service offerings, MegaMeeting has a turnkey solution that you can embed directly into your website and brand as your own. Video conferencing is the hot tool for the current era, and the demand for this service is just beginning. As companies learn how convenient these tools are, their adoption of video conferencing will only grow.

MegaMeeting’s white label SaaS reseller program has some unparalleled benefits that regular “affiliate” programs simply cannot offer:

  • Completely embeddable for a seamless, 100% branded product.
  • No downloads required for your customers.
  • Video conferencing for up to 50 people and webinars for up to 500.
  • Screen and file sharing, recording, and more.
  • HIPAA compliance for telemedicine applications.
  • Reliable, fast, HD video.
  • Usable from a browser on any mobile device.
  • Excellent technical support.

Most standard affiliate programs work as a kind of referral program. You send the video conferencing vendor your client and you get a finder’s fee. With MegaMeeting’s white label SaaS product, you have the opportunity to brand our video conferencing solution as your own and reap the benefit of our outstanding digital security, quality, and reliability to build your business.

Becoming a MegaMeeting white label reseller is a step beyond traditional affiliate programs. Reselling our service means you can use our video conferencing solution as a tool to build your brand and reputation. Imagine how your existing clients will respond when they know their trusted vendor is responding to their need for a reliable, professional video conferencing solution? MegaMeeting gives you an unprecedented way to brand our excellent solution as an online software service to add value for your clients.

Earn Income and Build Customer Value as a White Label Reseller

There are substantial benefits to becoming a partner in MegaMeeting white label SaaS business. They include:

  • Personalized training and support from the MegaMeeting team as you sell our product as your own.
  • A fully vetted, reliable video conferencing solution for you to offer your clients, without ever having to spend a dime on product development.
  • Increased loyalty from your customers, helping you successfully maintain relationships with your existing clients.
  • Ongoing, recurring income from your clients for your new value-added service improves your bottom line.

Expanding your service lines at a time when other businesses are retracting will help you capture market share. It’s a bold move that will capitalize on a huge and growing market that is just waiting for you. But this solution sells itself, making it a risk-free service line to adopt within your business offerings.

Many types of businesses can benefit from a white label SaaS video conferencing solution, whether the reseller or the client:

  • IT security and consulting firms can tack this on to their existing services.
  • National non-profit healthcare organizations and state medical associations can resell a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution to their members.
  • Small copier, phone or office supply companies have a ready-made business market just waiting for a video conferencing solution.
  • Website designers can set up a video conferencing solution for their clients.
  • Trade organizations can resell a SaaS video conferencing solution to their members.
  • Mobile phone resellers can easily add a video conferencing solution to their product offering.
  • Online ecommerce platforms, social media influencers, or even bloggers can offer the service directly on their websites.
  • Chamber of Commerce organizations will benefit by marketing the service to local businesses.

When it comes to the recurring monthly revenues from our white label reselling product, there are very few, if any, video conferencing solutions that are as generous as MegaMeeting:

  • We offer a 20% finder’s fee for any one-time meeting sales or referrals.
  • You can receive a 30% residual for every client you bring on.
  • If you are White Labeling and reselling our product, you can receive discounts ranging between 30%-65% from our standard retail pricing (depending on volume and commitment).
  • There are no revenue caps.
  • There is no overhead or fees to “buy in” to our service.
  • With our non-White Label SaaS reseller program, you don’t even have to have any technical expertise, as we will handle all installation and customer service for your clients.

Today, your business needs both a competitive edge and a reliable, easy way to bring in more revenue. The demand for video conferencing solutions makes developing a white label SaaS offering in this area a risk-free solution to many of your most pressing business problems.

If you’re looking for a guaranteed product that has a huge demand today, reselling and rebranding our video conferencing solution as your own will build credibility with your existing clients and attract new ones. Every business you come in contact with today is actively using video conferencing every week. Why are you not giving your customers what they want and need and shoring up your service lines with a guaranteed revenue generator?

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